A Hornet Nest in the Woods

Last month we went out to the woods for a day. It was beautiful outside so we took a drive just to escape the busyness of town. While hiking around we found a hornet nest. I personally had never seen one before, except in movies. My husband on the other hand is all to familiar with them.


This one was built almost at ground level so it was very hard to see. I actually just walked by it, and didn’t even look down, but my husband saw it right away. It was built among the ferns.


My husband couldn’t resist checking it out! So he snatched up the branch it was attached to, and held it up so I could take pictures.


It was a surprise to me that I could see the larva inside so clearly.




They were in their nests just moving their heads all around.

I am so glad that we got to see such a thing in the woods, and boy am I glad that we didn’t step on it.

I am equally glad to leave it in the woods, and thankful we didn’t find it at home.

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