A Little Snowflake Day

This winter I designed a little snowflake and created some very simple Scandinavian style winter and Christmas signs.  It was super fun to learn how to make a snowflake using graphic design software.  I started out using scissors to create a design, but my paper snowflakes just didn’t cut it….. get it?  ….cut it? 🙂  OK – I’m sorry. 

Scandinavian-Snowflake-Wood-SignSo I had Boyd show me a few CorelDRAW tricks (CorelDRAW is a graphic design software similar to Illustrator) and I was off and running.  I basically had to create a center hub and then create one arm of my snowflake.  Then I would replicate that arm all the way around the hub at fixed degrees.  It was really magical because even with small changes to the design of the arm, the patterns that were created in-between the arms would change in a sometimes wonderful way.

I was so excited about these that I made some for myself and then listed them on the UrbanFringeLiving Etsy site to see if anyone else would want one. Wood-SNOW-Signs-on-Etsy-UrbanFringeLivingI made a handful of designs in a couple different sizes because I just couldn’t settle on what I liked the best.  Boyd wanted to help me with the photos since he has those mad photography kinda skilz (if you spell skills wrong it sounds way cooler and I most certainly want Boyd to get his much deserved acclaim.)   I’ve ended up having to make more of the signs for myself – which is a good thing.

The SNOW and the plain Snowflake design ended up being my favorites and I’m giving them credit for keeping my thoughts and prayers snow-focused as we finally received a lovely little inch of snow here in the Oregon valley.  It drifted down on us yesterday and has canceled school altogether.  OK, beyond my snow-prayers, there was also some winter weather pattern nonsense that may have been a contributing factor to the snow.

Regardless – yesterday was a beautiful snow day and the last official day of vacation and we did all we could with it.Snowman-Mug-with-Coffee-and-Steamed-CreamI made steamed cream and coffee for my snowman mug – in honor of the snow.   It wasn’t really for the mug – it was for me, but you know what I mean.

Winter-Blooming-CamelliaA tiny little winter flowering Camellia.  The little flower is about a 1-1/2″ diameter.  The white snow just sets the red off so nicely.  This particular Camellia lives under my bedroom window which is a perfect spot so I can enjoy its little winter flowers without trudging outdoors.

Isak-making-a-Snow-Boulder-January-3-2016Right when I was going to sit down with my coffee I spotted Isak outside rolling a snowball around the yard.  I asked him if he was going to make a snowman, but he said, “No – I’m making a snow-boulder.”  Leave it to a guy to aspire to create a big rock to sit on.  Oreo-Springer-Spaniel-tucking-into-my-reading-chairI apologize for the photo quality, but all I had handy was my phone when I looked up at my reading chair and saw Oreo, our black and white SpringerPoo, bedding down with the brand new plush Pottery Barn pillow that Boyd gifted me for Christmas.  Oreo’s head is crammed down between the pillows as he kicks around a nice spot for a nap.  Oreo-Springer-Spaniel-on-New-Pottery-Barn-Plush-PillowBy the time I walked over to him to inquire about my chair and my new pillow this was the look I got. …. followed by this.Oreo-Springer-Spaniel-NapDoesn’t look like he is planning to move does it.  This is the, “I can’t see you or hear you” expression.  The cuteness factor won out and I had my coffee at the puzzle table and savored our little snowflake day.  

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