Airstream Trailer Vintage Vacation

Retro Camping at the Lakedale Resort

While trying to plan an entirely different trip, I stumbled across a glamping and camp ground off the coast of Washington State on San Juan Island that has an Airstream Trailer (camper) that is parked lakeside and restored and can be rented out by the night.  I was so enchanted by the possibility of getting to stay in an Airstream without having to own one that I abandoned my original plans and worked out all the details that would put us on this Pacific Northwest island in the sunny summertime in a glorious restored Airstream.

Airstream Trailer Vintage VacationWe’re the people who gape & stare longingly at any Airstream that crosses our path.

Airstream Trailer Vintage VacationWe really, really love the way they look.  Vintage, but cool and modern at the same time.  Airstream Trailer Vintage VacationBoyd has even tried to come up with excuses why he needs one parked in our back yard.  “It could be my office!” was his last sorry attempt to justify a camping trailer for a non-camping family.


So I booked our trip at Lakedale.

Vintage Vacation Country RoadsHere are some sights along the way.Vintage Vacation Cyber BowlVintage Vacation Classic Pontiac Grand PrixVintage Vacation Countryside Barn

Two glorious nights in an Airstream at the Lakedale Resort & Campground on San Juan Island.Airstream Trailer Vintage VacationTo me, just being there and doing something different that we have always dreamed of doing was going to be the fun part, but before we left, Boyd’s creative wheels immediately started turning and pretty soon I noticed a small pile of things starting to accumulate.  Things like his dad’s fishing poles & some old webbed yard chairs.  Vintage Vacation Fishing SuppliesA Scrabble game from his childhood that I didn’t even know we had stored away in our basement.Vintage Scrabble BoardOld sunglassesVintage Vacation Photos Trish Portrait

Crates…Vintage Vacation Photo Shoot Icy Sodas

& some clothes he found at a re-sale shop.  I finally asked him what in the world he was doing since he doesn’t fish and we don’t play scrabble and what in the world are those women’s clothes for?Vintage Vacation Photo Shoot Happy Trails“Airstream Trailer Vintage Vacation Photo Shoot!” is what he excitedly proclaimed.  Vintage Vacation Argus C3 Rangefinder Brick CameraI thought it sounded fun until it dawned on me that I wasn’t going to just be helping to take photos, but that he would be dressing me up in vintage garb and taking my picture. He even brought a vintage Argus C3 35mm Rangefinder ‘brick camera’ for a prop and to take some of the photos with.  I had no idea that old decoration we picked up at a garage sale years and years ago even worked?!.

Not being in the best shape of my life (to put it mildly) I tried to talk my way out of this plan, but I was entirely unsuccessful. Vintage Vacation Photos Country Stroll

Vintage Vacation Photos Krystal Acres Alpaca Farm

Vintage Vacation Photos Alpaca Farm CoupleIsak, on the other hand, was totally into it.  He loves taking photos and Boyd decked him out with a cool James Dean kinda look and they had a blast.  Vintage Vacation Photo Shoot AirstreamOur van ended up breaking down during our trip, so I volunteered to deal with that which successfully got me out of a whole bunch of the photos and left Isak to be the main subject — which was A-O-kay with me.Vintage Vacation Lakedale Resort Ukulele KidVintage Vacation Photo Shoot DockVintage Vacation Photo Shoot Dock

Vintage Vacation Photo Shoot Neva LakeThe Lakedale Resort was a fantastic place to stay.

Vintage Vacation Row Boat on Lake Neva

Vintage Vacation Lakedale Resort Grilling Kabobs on the FirepitEveryone was wonderful, from the General Manager to the guy who brought our firewood to our campsite.  Vintage Vacation Lakedale Resort BikingThey even helped us store all our props and bikes when we had to unexpectedly empty our van and leave it in at the service center in town.

Vintage Vacation Lakedale Resort FishingI’m not sure whose kid this was, but talk about adorable.  He was having some good luck fishing and was proud to show us the fish he just caught.Vintage Vacation Row Boat at Lakedale Resort

Vintage Vacation Photos Boyd PortraitOur Vintage Vacation had some bumps and changes-of-plans along the way, but we just kept re-grouping.  Thanks to the truly amazingly gracious staff at Lakedale, it ended up being better, in a lot of ways, than I could have ever imagined.  Vintage Vacation Lakedale Resort Instant PhotosNot only do we have great memories of our summertime excursion, but we also have a collection of really fun photos from our Vintage Vacation.

6 Responses to Airstream Trailer Vintage Vacation

  1. Rene Louthan says:

    LOVE!!!! What FUN!! Um…your son. He could be a model he has your looks Trish. You take such beautiful pictures! Not at your best?!! you say I say you look magnificent! And Boyd Bravo!! I definitely think you should have that airstream in the back yard..:)

    • Trish says:

      Thanks Rene’!
      You know you shouldn’t be encouraging Boyd to by an Airstream. I don’t want to end up living in the trailer in our yard and having to rent out our house. 🙂

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  4. JavaJogger says:

    I love the photo effects and of course James Dean!