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Chick Inn

A Handmade Rustic Charming Wood Sign for your Chicken Coop, Urban Garden, Homestead, Barn, Cottage, Backyard, or Rustic Interior.



Fresh Eggs

Handmade, Premium, Solid Pine Wall or Bookshelf Decor for your Chicken Coop, Farmhouse, Urban Farm, Garden, Country Home Kitchen or Outdoor Hen House with Distressed Rustic Finish



Under Renovation

This custom made painted and silk screened wood sign will make your friends and family laugh if they come across the areas in your yard that are "Under Construction". This silk screened sign design was inspired by a sign I saw in a roped off area at Golden Gate State Park in San Francisco.



Slug Crossing

This little pine sign is stained and sealed with a yellow pigment and the custom design is hand screened with black silk screening ink. It is the perfect way to lure unsuspecting slugs into your chicken coop or across the path you've sprinkled with slug bait.... mwa ha ha ha ha. (That is my maniacal laugh in case it didn't read right.)


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