Cheater Chili Verde

Remember the pork loin from Winco?

Part one was yummy grilled pork steaks.

Part two will be chili verde.  Make no mistake, I am well aware that this is not even close to an authentic recipe.  It is a fast, easy, yummy dinner though and that’s what counts in the end, right?  You know how you throw a coupla chicken breasts in the crock pot with some salsa, cook on low, shred and then call it chicken taco night?  This is the pork version of that, sorta.


I cubed up the second half of the pork roast and bagged them until I was ready to use them.


I drained and rinsed them, sprayed the crock pot with cooking spray, and added a little jarred salsa verde to the bottom of the pot.  Tipped the cubes in, stirred and turned it to low for a few hours.  Then I drained the “juice” from the cubes (saved it) and added a can of green enchilada sauce.  I let it go for a while longer.  I already had some brown rice cooked so I added it directly to the crock pot and stirred it in.


Before dinner I spied this BirdsEye bag of Southwestern blend vegetables in the freezer and decided to add them in as well.  Seemed like a perfect match.


I will have the “juice” to moisten it if it starts to look like it needs it.  Not much to look at but it tastes great.


I harvested rhubarb yesterday and since I’m starting to get berries from the garden already, I need to start using up last years crop from the freezer.


I’m making a Bluebarb crumble for afters.  2 meals from one hunk of pork on the cheap.


Plus a dessert for basically nothing but my time.

Good stuff.

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