Clothes Line Drying

My grandma always used the clothes line to dry her clothes during the summer, partly to save money and partly because she loved the fresh air smell of the sun-dried clothes.

When I visited her I always loved helping her get the clothes off the line, and I loved folding the clothes outside and placing them in her basket.

Once we got our washing machine running I was kind of excited about line drying our clothes, since we had to wait for the wiring to be finished before the dryer could be installed.

My husband found a small rope that held some old window weights in the garage. He looped the rope over some nails that he nailed into the garage and the old wood storage building out behind the house.

Instant clothes line!

Clothes-Line-Drying-1On a nice hot day line drying works well, the clothes don’t take long to dry and they do smell lovely. We were able to run loads of laundry and get them on the line to dry in a timely manner.

Unfortunately, one line isn’t enough space for a full load of laundry, and since one line is all we had I found I had to be inventive.

Clothes-Line-Drying-2So our trailer, that was holding scrap building materials, became my next clothes victim. I used the side rails, and when I had even more clothing to dry I would drape the clothes over the scrap lumber that I could lay across the rails. You should have seen my husband’s face when he came home and our clothes were hung all over the yard. We definitely are helping to bring down the property tax rates in our area!

On a nice hot day line drying works fine, but one problem I encountered was that most of my clothes started to grow. All my tank tops and my pants are now to big for me. So gravity really can do a job on your clothing.

Also, on a not-so-sunny day line drying is a ridiculous task.

Clothes-Line-Drying-3Many days would start out looking promising, and then turn on us. The wind would pull the clothes to the ground, and muddy them up. If I would have bought some clothes pins the wind wouldn’t have been such a problem, but I never did so we fought it often.

Clothes-Line-Drying-4Then when the rain came the clothes would have to move into the old wood shed where we are keeping a lot of remodeling junk, and in there without the sun they would take many days to dry.

Clothes-Line-Drying-5So the clothing that we needed the most would have to move into the house on a chair. The rainy days just about made me crazy. There was not enough room in the house to dry all the clothes so once in a while we would have to wear slightly wet clothes. Terrible – let me tell you.

I feel so sorry for the families before us that had to dry their clothes all winter long in a small, cool, home with no clothes dryer. No wonder they didn’t change their clothing often.

Clothes-Line-Drying-6But here’s the kicker.

One day my husband was looking at the dryer we had sitting in our bedroom, and he decided to go ahead and place it on top of the washer, and hook up the vent.  He even plugged it into the yet to be connected outlet for good measure – so that when the electrical was finished it would be ready to go. As luck would have it, after he was done, just for kicks, he pushed the dryer’s on button, and magically it turned on.

He was sure that the electrician hadn’t finished the dryer electrical yet, but there it was all lit up and ready to go.

So all this time I didn’t even need to be drying the clothes on the line, and we really didn’t need to be wearing wet clothes.

What a blessing it is to have a working clothes dryer! We are calling it a miracle!

Yes, it must be a miracle, because we don’t want to think of ourselves as stupid.

In the future I would love to set up a nice looking clothes line out back were the people driving down the street will not be able to see it. I also think I will probably only dry towels and bedding on it – that way they smell really good, and I will not have to worry about them stretching out.

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