Cooking and Cleaning While Remodeling the Kitchen

Cooking and cleaning dishes while remodeling the kitchen can be a real chore. Its been about 6 weeks now of living without a kitchen. Even though the cabinets are in and the fridge and the oven are now working it is still hard to cook without a counter to prep food on and washing dishes without a kitchen sink is impossible.

If by chance you are in this situation – I thought I would show you how I am coping – so maybe it could help you.

Raw meat is out for me. There isn’t a way to keep things sanitary so I have chosen to not even buy any. We go out to eat often now, so if we want a nice protein filled meal it has to come from a restaurant.

Cooking-and-Cleaning-While-Remodeling-the-Kitchen-1The fruit I’ve been purchasing is either precut or easy to take out of the peel and eat. I haven’t been buying melons or pineapples in their whole form, because they are too hard to cut up and I don’t want to have to clean up after cutting them.

Prebagged salad and the prepeeled, mini carrots seem to be the easiest vegetables to prepare.

Cooking-and-Cleaning-While-Remodeling-the-Kitchen-2This is our box of snack items. These items seem to be our go to items when we need a fast snack.

Toast has become our best and fastest breakfast item, and simple sandwiches tend to be our go to for lunch.

Dinner is our poorest meal of the day. Spam or hot dogs seem to be a regular repeater, or just packing up and going out to eat seems to happen a lot now. I wish dinner didn’t seem so hard, but at the end of a long day of working at work and then coming home to work all night on the house it just gets overwhelming. So we have become regulars at a few different restaurants.

Dishes are also not so fun to deal with.

Cooking-and-Cleaning-While-Remodeling-the-Kitchen-3After each meal we place all the dirty dishes in this bucket. Then off to the bathroom they go.

Cooking-and-Cleaning-While-Remodeling-the-Kitchen-4I leave the dishes in the bucket and then I fill it up with warm soapy water.

Cooking-and-Cleaning-While-Remodeling-the-Kitchen-5Then I wash each dish.

Cooking-and-Cleaning-While-Remodeling-the-Kitchen-6After I scrub the dish down I dump the liquid and any food scraps back into the bucket, and then I rinse the dish with the water from the tub faucet.

Cooking-and-Cleaning-While-Remodeling-the-Kitchen-7Then my girl gets to dry them and run them back to the kitchen area.

I know it is really unappealing to see dishes in the bathroom, but at least in the bathroom we have running water, and there are no bugs or dirt to deal with.

When all the dishes are done I run the bucket of dirty dish water outside and throw it into the yard. I chose to use the bucket so that the bathroom drain wouldn’t get filled up with food scraps.

Winnie thinks doing dishes is really fun. After I dump the water into the yard she runs around and cleans up all the bits of food that she can find. To her it was like a special occasion!

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