Cute Girl’s Room

Today I want to show you how my daughters cute girl’s room is coming along. We have done a lot of work in this space already, although there is still some more trim work that needs to be finished up – I though I’d give you a look anyways.

cute girl's room

The last time I showed you her room the walls had been painted, her bed had been moved in, and she had a temporary clothes rack.

cute girl's room

Now it is looking cuter with some pictures on the wall, and a new shelf for her to use as a bedside table.

Although the wall had space for a regular bedside table – a table would have blocked the drawers under her bed from opening, so we settled on a single shelf hung at bed height to give her a surface to set things on at night.

We also bought some Ikea cabinets, and hung them at ceiling height above the bed for her to have a bit more extra storage space.


I thought I would throw in a quick before picture so that you could remember what that space looked like just after we bought the house.


Boy has it come a long way!


The wall where the washer and dryer used to be located now has an Ikea closet and an Ikea drawer system on it. The closet is ideal for her room because it is small in scale, but still has a lot of shelves behind one of the doors and a clothes rack behind the other two. The mirror is such a bonus, because it saves wall space and makes perfect use of the front door panel on the closet.

The only downfall to this closet is that it is not very deep. It works perfect for my daughters smaller scaled clothes, but when I hung some of my husbands clothes in it to see if it would work for our room also – the doors would not shut, because his sweatshirts and coats are wider then hers.

The smaller Ikea drawer system to the side of the closet is wonderful. My girl loves paper items, and this gives her a lot of space to sort and organize her papers.


Here’s a look at how the other side of the room looked before.


Now it is more fresh looking.

I made the curtains out of a shower curtain I bought at Target. I wish that the curtains could have been full length, because I prefer full length curtains, but with the heater under the window that would have been a mistake.

My daughter is really pleased with how her cute girl’s room has turned out. When we first viewed the house she was concerned that her bed wouldn’t even fit into the space, but now she is a believer of the magic that can happen to a room when you are able to look past the seen and just dream.

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