Cyclamen – The Upside Down Flower

So I have had this lovely little Cyclamen houseplant since mid-December.  It was a gift from one of my bookkeeping clients and is a new plant for me.  It bloomed throughout December on my kitchen windowsill, but apparently I wasn’t really watching what this little plant was up to.

Cyclamen-House-Plant-Flower-PictureI just recently started watching my little Cyclamen because I thought I’d killed it.  The leaves had seemed fine, but then a couple of really drooping buds showed up on the scene.  They looked so thirsty and sad that I thought for sure they wouldn’t even bloom the rest of the way – but I watered and apologized for my neglect.

The next time I gave it a good looking-at the flowers had totally revived and were all blossomed out tall and healthy looking.   I had saved it from certain doom.   But then another bud appeared looking sad and droopy with a darker thin sad looking stem.  But this was now at the same time that the other flowers looked quite happy.  I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but at this point I’m starting to wonder what the game is and I am pretty confident this Cyclamen is messing with me.  (Have I mentioned I tend to personify things?)

Red-Cyclamen-Flower-BudSo I finally took some time to really, really look at the Cyclamen flower and I couldn’t believe what it was doing.Red-Cyclamen-Flower-Picture-Inside-the-Upswept-PetalsEven though I thought the other flowers had stopped drooping thanks to my now-diligent watering schedule – they had not.  If you look closely you can see that the pedals just open out and then all the way up — leaving the center of the flower blossom upside down.  I had to Wiki this to see if it was normal and sure enough it is referred to as ‘upswept petals’.Red-Cyclamen-Flower-Picture-Inside-the-PetalsHere is another closer shot.  It is just crazy – although I’m easily impressed.

I sang this song all day in honor of the talents of my Cyclamen.

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