Dwarf Sunflowers Standing Tall

I’ve never been able to figure out how to keep regular sunflowers from falling to the ground once they bloom.  I think I finally outsmarted gravity this year.  OK – I might be giving myself a bit too much credit claiming I conquered gravity, but I will say that my sunflowers finally stayed upright this year.  I chose three varieties to try and get an assortment of blooms.

They ranged from claims of 20″ to 36″ tall.  36″ is about counter height.

Dwarf-Sunflower-BudBeautiful sunflower bud getting ready to blossom.

Dwarf-Sunflower-with-BeeA bee enjoying all the sunflower awesomeness.

Dwarf-Sunflower-GardenHere are the blooms in all their splendor.  You can tell better in this photo about how tall they got.  I think a couple of ‘dwarf sunflowers’ actually got up to around 4′.

Dwarf-Sunflower-2Some had smaller centers and longer pedals.

Dwarf-Sunflower-Close-UpThey are just so amazing.  Once they are done blooming I’m going to save the seed heads for the squirrels and the birds.

Dwarf-SunflowerSome of the great big sunflower heads nodded down a bit, like that one in the background, but their stems still held the rest of the plant straight and tall and upright.

After nearly a decade of fallen-over, path blocking sunflower frustration, I finally have a sunflower success story thanks to the three varieties of dwarf sunflowers that put on a fantastic show in my vegetable garden this year.

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