Entertainment is a funny thing.

People find entertainment in many different areas; some enjoy being outdoors, others enjoy building or doing crafts, many enjoy sharing meals together, while others enjoy exercise, and so on and so on.

For the majority of us in the U.S. I bet TV and web surfing is somewhere on our entertainment list.

Entertainment-1When we moved we knew it would be a while before we had the house ready for the TV and internet to be set up. What we didn’t know was what we would do without them. The first week seemed hard and we definitely went though withdrawals, but after that initial week we seemed to need them less and less.

We did find that once in a while we would get a movie to watch on our laptop, and every evening my daughter would sit out on the front steps so she could quickly check Facebook on her dad’s phone, but she only got about 15 minutes before he started asking for his phone back.

After a few months of living without a lot of regular household items I asked my family what things they missed the most. No one answered TV or internet. My girl missed a full length mirror, my husband missed tinkering in the garage, and I missed eating meat. We found that we didn’t feel bored, and we actually didn’t think about TV or internet much.

So what did we do when we were not at work or working on remodeling our home?

Entertainment-3Well, my girl got to go and pick peaches, and she didn’t have to rush because it was OK to spend the whole day doing it if she wanted to.

Entertainment-2Winnie got to do some photo shoots which she loved, because of the extra treats she got while doing them.


Entertainment-4We were able to stop and enjoy the wild life we saw. There was nothing to hurry us, so we could spend a while looking and enjoying them. It is amazing how we rush around all the time in this life, and some of the rushing we do is so we can get home to catch our favorite show, and truly we miss some of the more fantastic shows that nature has to offer.

Entertainment-6Like really stopping and looking at the rainbow God created! It was fun to just stop and get out of the car and photograph it, instead of just pointing it out while we drove past.

Entertainment-8It seemed like our camera was a great bit of our entertainment. We went though some of the settings and discovered new ways of shooting pictures. It seems like there is never enough time to really learn how to use the things we own. The quick use guide is the only source of info that we have time to read, so it was really interesting to try new settings on the camera and see what they did.

We also played a lot of aa on my husbands phone. We would lay for hours playing that game. Each of us would take a turn and then pass the phone along so the others didn’t have to wait to long.

Entertainment-7A few of my favorite nights we just spent laying in the back of the truck looking at the truly amazing night sky. Out in the country the stars are amazing and when the moon comes out you definitely know it.

Entertainment-9This picture was taken on my favorite night though. We had gone to town to get some pizza to take home to eat, but on our way home we pulled off on the side of the road and decided to sit in the back of our truck and eat our pizza while we watched the sun set. I don’t know why this evening felt so special, but everyone agreed that it did. I think it was the first evening that we really realized that we lived in the country.

Now that we have TV, I realize how much time we spent in front of it. We used to come home from work and take a short rest, and then we would get to work on the house with no apprehension, because there was nothing else to really do. It almost made working fun. Now, we come home and sit down and turn on the TV, and nothing gets done, it is really hard to get up and start to work on something when the next show is about to start. It really does rob us of our time. When we had no TV, we always felt like working, because sitting around for to long was boring.

I really do miss the precious time we spent together this last summer, but I do know that the TV is staying. There is no prying the remote from my husbands hands now that he has been reunited with it!

All in all it did teach me that there is enough time in a day, as long as you use it wisely!

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