Fall Planting with Discount Plants

Fall planting time is my favorite time for planting plants. Spring planting works well also, but in the fall the rain does such a great job of watering for you – that it is my favorite planting time!

Fall-Planting-with-Discount-Plants-1During the month of August I started purchasing discount plants. Whenever I would drive by Home Depot, Lowe’s or Fred Meyer I would make a quick stop and run in and see if they had any plants on their discount rack. Even though I was very tempted to look at all the other pretty plants I kept myself focused on only the half dead looking discounted ones.

I know that they are still healthy for the most part, and that they are mostly just done for the season.

So when I saw perennials that I knew I liked I would throw them into my cart.

Fall-Planting-with-Discount-Plants-2After a while I had a nice selection of perennial flowering plants. Most of them were not more than $3.50, and many of them were way less than $3.50 each. Plants cost so much now a days that this kind of discount shopping makes me happy.

Fall-Planting-with-Discount-Plants-3So now that fall has arrived I decided that it was time to plant them. Originally I wasn’t going to do any planting this fall. The outside of the house needs so much work still done on it that I was just going to hold off until next year, but plants make me happy, and I just couldn’t resist buying them so in the ground they will have to go.

First, I needed to decide what the beds around the house should look like. After talking to my husband we decided on just doing a simple 5 foot bed around three sides of the house to keep it simple and to keep it in scale with the small house.

Fall-Planting-with-Discount-Plants-4So to begin I placed sticks in the corners where 5 feet measured out to. I wanted to place the plants around to see how they would look.

All I saw was a bunch of tiny, half dead looking plants that had no scale.

Fall-Planting-with-Discount-Plants-5So into the house I went to see if I could spend a bit more money to purchase some larger scaled plants. I also needed some that would not just disappear underground when winter hit. So at Farmington Gardens nursery I picked up some evergreen blueberries, and a few other trees. Even though they are small now, eventually they should fill in nicely.

Fall-Planting-with-Discount-Plants-6I dug a ditch where I wanted the flower bed edge to be, and then planted my plants in the ground. At this point the beds looked pretty sad. I didn’t kill the grass in the beds, but I had a plan.


Fall-Planting-with-Discount-Plants-7And bark dust!














So I placed the newspaper on top of the grass and around the base of the plants. Once I had a small section applied I wetted it down with the hose so it didn’t blow away.

Fall-Planting-with-Discount-Plants-11Then I placed the bark on top of the newspaper. I read on Pinterest that newspaper would block the regrowth of weeds and grass, plus compost nicely in about a year. I also read that worms love to live under newspaper so I am hoping that the newspaper will make my beds nice and healthy.

Fall-Planting-with-Discount-Plants-12Plus it was just more fun putting down newspaper instead of boring old weed cloth.

Fall-Planting-with-Discount-Plants-13After a bag and a half of newspaper and one truck load of bark I had one and a half sides done.

Fall-Planting-with-Discount-Plants-14Then I got another truck load of bark and did the rest of it.

Fall-Planting-with-Discount-Plants-15The old flower bed use to come out to the edge of the steps, so I did a little grass patching to bring the bed back to being even with the house. Hopefully this will fill in nicely and green up really soon.

Although the house doesn’t look real appealing yet – I think it is starting to shape up nicely, and with all the work we have been doing inside it was really nice to work on something outside for a change.

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