Fishing for Dinner Ideas?

I don’t generally cook with recipes.  I consider them guidelines.  I read a recipe, think, “oh, what a good idea,” and then I do it my way.  That’s why cooking is an art – each person expresses themselves differently.  Except baking – that stuff’s science.  It requires ratios and measuring and exact temperatures and stuff.  I don’t bake!  It’s just not in me to do, unless it come’s in a box.

Although, this is a recipe I actually use.  You’ll know I didn’t come up with this one because it measures and follows rules.  I like it and use it though, because it offers alternate ideas.  It’s quick, cheap and involves things I usually have in my pantry.  I saw it in Kraft’s Food & Family magazine and I encourage you to try it.  It might surprise you.


The basic idea is that you make a boxed stuffing mix with water, mayo, some sort of fish (canned) and a veggie, plus an add in.  I’m using canned salmon (shout out to the Dollar Store) and Winco stuffing mix ‘cause I’m cheap.


Let’s do this – Dump your stuffing box into a bowl, add 3/4 cup water and 1/3 cup mayo.  In my Dad’s house only Best Foods is allowed and I pretty much adhered to that until a few years ago when Costco came out with a Kirkland brand.  I can’t tell any difference except price.  Then add your drained cans of fish, flaked up so it doesn’t stay in chunks.  I drain the salmon water into a bowl for my cats to drink.  Kitty Kool Aid.  Mix everything up all smushy.


Now we add 1/3 cup chopped veggies.  I’m gonna use a mix of celery and green onion.  Dice em up and throw em in.  Now, if you know me you know what’s coming next.  Yep, cheese.  I’m using a little bit of cheddar and the rest of the mozzarella from the pizza chicken.  Add in a cup of grated cheese.  Then 1 Tbsp of lemon juice and call it good.


Mix it all up and form into patties.  I like to do this a few hours ahead and let them sit in the refrigerator covered with waxed paper.


Then you fry them up.  I fry as many as I can comfortably fit in my pan and then put them in the oven at 200 degrees or so to keep warm until they’re all done.  Occasionally, the patties will not stick together.  This is not a disaster.  It is fish hash.  No biggie, I meant to do that.  Here’s the real recipe – Kraft Fish Cakes.


My picky kids eat it and like it.  Maybe yours will as well.

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