Coffee Crush

Back 1,000 years ago when I was a young woman of 21, I worked in a fancy Italian ristorante.  It had a deli with gelato and Italian imports.

My favorite was a little teeny bottle of espresso soda called Bibi Caffe.  It was spendy but I loved the sugary fizzy drink.  This was before I even drank coffee (obviously pre kids).


I still carry a key chain that originally said Bibi Caffe.  It was a promotional item I got for working at the restaurant.  You’ll have to take my word for it because as I said, it was a lifetime ago, and although I still use it as my key chain the words wore off long ago.

Anyways, every once in a while, for years after, I would try to scope out the drink as a treat.  Recently it came back into my thoughts and I found out that it is no longer imported to the states.  I did find in my research that there is an alternate drink called Frizz Coffee.


I bought a 4 pack to try (even though it’s $7, yikes) and it brought me right back.  Great stuff.  Stupid expensive.

So I played around and came up with a homemade alternative.


I make my coffee as a cold brew.


I took 1/2 cup of my coffee concentrate, added 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1/2 cup white sugar, and 1/2 cup water and boiled it up.  I measured this time!


I wanted to make sure the sugars were well dissolved and it started to get syrupy so I let it boil for a few minutes.  Refrigerate the syrup.  I find it fitting to keep mine in a former pasta sauce jar with an outline of Italy on the lid.  Buono!  Once it cooled I poured an ounce or so over ice and added fizzy water.  I have a Soda Stream so I can make carbonated drinks whenever I get the urge.  My husband and I like soda water so it’s nice to have around…also…teenagers come to our house a lot and it’s good to be able to whip up some soda.

Back to the point – this drink makes me supremely happy.  I can vary the strength, I can have it on a moments notice, I can make it far cheaper than buying it, it tastes great – what’s not to love?  Coffee flavored pop.


This summer will see a lot of this stuff thrown down.  I’m picturing coffee floats on hot evenings.

I adore this stuff.  It’s possible I may have had just a touch too much sugary caffeinated beverage before writing this but it is just that good.

You’re welcome!

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