Garden Railway Tour

Garden-Railway-Engine-TunnelThe annual Rose City Garden Railway Show (Driving Tour) in Portland, Oregon is this Saturday, June 18th from 10am – 5pm.  What a fun way to celebrate Father’s Day! My Dad is a huge model train fan, so last year we all went on the garden train tour.   It is an easy and fun day because all you have to do is purchase a guide-book for $10 and then you can pick and choose which locations to visit.

See the Rose City Garden Railway Society’s Website for details.Garden-Railway-Tour-Map-2015We managed to see around half of the 13 locations.  They are all private residences and are all very different from one another.  We started with the one closest to our house and then tried to do a loop of sorts.  Garden-Railway-View-of-Mt-and-HillsSome locations are out in the country and others are closer in to the city.  Surprise backyard treasures in the suburbs.


Garden-Railway-in-BasementThere was an amazing display build into a daylight basement and then into the backyard. Garden-Railway-Train-WreckMiniature train wreck.  Thank God they have a crew working on it.Garden-Railway-General-Store-and-MedicIs there a Doctor in the house?  Seriously – upstairs?!Garden-Railway-Train-TressleI love this train trestle and the water and the landscaping.  Absolutely beautiful.Garden-Railway-Train-YardAnother location with a fantastic train yard and train station.Garden-Railway-EngineerAll Aboard!Garden-Railway-Water-Tower


Garden-Railway-Happy-Fathers-Day-BannerOn the way home we were talking about all the different things we had seen and found that we each had our personal favorite.  Mine and my Dad’s favorite was our last stop in Vancouver, WA.  It was a hard to find location in a manufactured home park.  What they did with their small space was absolutely magical.  Lots of water features, grading, and scenes that really told a story.  The miniature town was even celebrating Father’s Day.  What more could you want.

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    What a fantastic fun day! These are so incredible.