Hells Canyon – Eastern Oregon

My husband took a hunting trip last week to Hells Canyon.  Hells Canyon is located in Eastern Oregon by the border of Washington and Idaho.  Although his trip was not long enough by any means, he still had a fantastic time.  Hunting trips for my husband mostly consist of sleeping in, eating good home cooked meals and taking photos to show me the things that he has seen.  Since we have been married he has never brought any food home to me, just pictures.  Although I wouldn’t mind some meat in the freezer I really enjoy seeing the things he got to see.

Hells-Canyon-Eastern-Oregon-Wildflowers-1I love that he photographs wild flowers.  I know this is just for me – he knows that I love flowers.  I love the color combo of the blue with the yellow.  They seem to just sparkle among the field of grass.



Hells-Canyon-Eastern-Oregon-Clouds-2Hells Canyon is spectacular with the low clouds still dancing around the canyon tops.  It almost looks as though one could step out and walk across them.

Wouldn’t that be fun to walk upon the clouds!

Hells-Canyon-Eastern-Oregon-Cows-7Somewhere along the way he came across this sweet pair.  Just check out that cute baby face.  Even mama looks a little interested at the men in camo she sees before her.

Hells-Canyon-Eastern-Oregon-Cow-8Oh, just look at that face and check out those eyelashes.

Don’t you just want to pet this one!

Hells-Canyon-Eastern-Oregon-Horses-11He also found what he calls two ghost horses.  They must be albino.  My husband loves them because it looks like someone cut them out of the picture.

Hells-Canyon-Eastern-Oregon-House-9This one is my favorite though!

I love old houses and I wish that I could sit there and listen to the stories they must hold.  This one may have been a school house, or maybe a home of a family.

Hells-Canyon-Eastern-Oregon-Fencing-6This one is my second favorite!

I love that the fencing actually adds to the landscaping instead of making it look junky.

Hells-Canyon-Eastern-Oregon-House-10Thanks honey for sharing your trip with me.  I am glad that you at least got to shoot something, even if it was still life!

Love Ya!

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