Installing Kitchen Cabinets

Installing kitchen cabinets is an exciting turning point in any remodel project. After tearing apart so many things in our house, the cabinets were the first visually pleasing item to be installed since the bathroom tile three and a half weeks ago.

While my husband was at work my girl and I started to prep the kitchen for the cabinets.

Installing-Kitchen-Cabinets-1We cut the paper back, and cleaned the floors. The patch in the floor we just left since it would be covered by the cabinet anyways.

Once the paper was removed looking at this small section of flooring made me panic. I was sure that maybe we had measured wrong and that there would be no way that the cabinets would fit into the kitchen the way they needed to, with the stove under the window and the sink cabinet lined up with the plumbing.

I got my tape measure out to check the dimensions.

To my relief the numbers all lined up – with no wiggle room – but they did line up, so I held my breath and hoped for the best.

Installing-Kitchen-Cabinets-2Into the kitchen we brought the first cabinet. We chose the smallest, lightest one to carry in. This view made me stress again. There was no way that the large cabinet in my living room was going to fit into the corner on the left side of this little cabinet, and then leave enough room for the stove to be centered on the window to the right side. I just couldn’t see it.

So out came the tape measure for the second time that day. It seemed like it would measure out perfectly, but visually my eyes were playing tricks on me.

Lucky for us girls that my husband came home before we got any farther! Lucky for him that we hadn’t brought all the cabinets into the kitchen yet. Our plan was to get them all into the kitchen and lined up so he would be surprised at how great the kitchen looked, and all he would have to do is screw the cabinets into place.


Far be it from my knowledge that installing cabinets is an art form, and needs to be done one cabinet at a time.

Installing-Kitchen-Cabinets-4Each one needs to be leveled and shimmed before the next one is set in place. Nothing in the kitchen was close to being level or square. The floor had a slope to it and the walls waved in and out with the addition of the mud and tape that was applied to them.

So make sure you have someone who knows what they are doing to help you.

Thanks Honey! I am so glad someone in this house knows how these things are installed!

We were able to install the corner and sink cabinet with no problems. To my joy the plumbing fit perfectly behind the sink cabinet and it lined up below the window just like we had planned.

Installing-Kitchen-Cabinets-6There was one last cabinet on the sink wall to install, but it decided to cause a hitch in our day.

When we brought it in from the living room and looked at it we noticed that the drawers didn’t line up like they should have.

Installing-Kitchen-Cabinets-5Looking inside we noticed that the drawers slid uphill and that the drawer guides were not installed level.

This was not going to be OK!

Unfortunately, this was the cabinet that we paid the most for, and the only one built out of plywood. It should have been the nicest one we bought. If we returned it we would have had a waiting period, and at this point we were going on three and a half weeks with no kitchen and were excited to get it moving along since we couldn’t even have the counter tops measured until the cabinets were in.

Installing-Kitchen-Cabinets-7So my husband ended up taking the cabinet apart and reinstalling the drawer guides. This wasn’t a quick fix as new holes needed to be drilled, and all the hardware moved.

Thank God he knows how to do this, without him I would have been in tears.


Installing-Kitchen-Cabinets-9Once he fixed the drawer, the rest of the kitchen came together with no more problems.

The new fridge and stove were placed and ready for use.

The kitchen turned out just as I hoped it would. I was even lucky that my paint purchase matched the paint color of the cabinets. I didn’t have the cabinets when I picked out the paint so I was just hoping for the best.

Installing-Kitchen-Cabinets-10With a working fridge and stove inside now – I decided to move all the kitchen items in. The tables were brought in and placed in the corner were the dining table will eventually go. The two walls in the picture above will eventually be wall papered, so that is why the walls look a bit splotchy. I chose just to prime them, and not waste the paint on them.

It is so nice to be totally moved inside the house now.

It almost makes me want to cook something grand, but without a sink and counter-top I think I will wait!

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