Just a Little Over 600 Sq Ft

I’ve Been Shopping!

Not for shoes, or clothes, or hand bags – but for houses!

Truly, I’ve been watching RMLS for many years now, maybe about 13 years, just hoping for a good price on a house in the country. I bet you couldn’t tell from all my previous posts that I love the country!

Not only do I love the country, but about maybe 6 years ago I also became fascinated and maybe obsessed with Tiny Houses! So my RMLS searches started to change slightly as I typed in smaller and smaller sq ft for the house size I was looking for.

Most of my searches left me going to take a look at the house I found, and then just driving by because the pictures did the place great justice, and even I couldn’t imagine living there. You will find I have a pretty big imagination, but some places were just too far gone, or the surrounding area I just didn’t like. My daughter had gotten used to me discovering a house on the Internet, and taking a drive with me out to see it. We always left shocked at the appearance of it, and declared that at least we had a nice drive in the country.

The House That Changed Everything

This house was different though. At just over 600 sq ft, there it stood in the country, surrounded by farms much larger in size. It had a lovely view off the front porch, and a creek out back. As my girl and I snooped in the windows of the empty house, I just had a feeling that I had found it – MY DREAM HOME!

When we got back in the car my girl started to cry, not because she loved it and she was so happy, but because she had a the feeling that her world was going to change.

On the way home I had her text her dad for me to declare that I found our new home, but I would need a riding lawn mower for sure. He asked me what the address was, and even though I can never remember numbers, that address was already stored in my memory bank. So he looked it up and later we drove back out for him to look at it. After viewing it he said that I could go ahead and make an appointment to go in.

The next day when we went in to view it we were shocked that the second bedroom was actually the laundry room/pantry. My girl was not very excited with the room that would become hers if we bought the home, but I could see past all that, and I was still really excited at what I saw.

A few days later we made an offer, and after a week of waiting and countering – WE GOT IT!

The home we had been living in went up for sale right away, and we ended up with 20 offers!

As everything processed it seemed very clear to me that God was opening up all kinds of doors, for us to get our new home.

Our new house will undergo many changes in the next few months, which I will blog about, but for now here is a peek into the tiny farmhouse I fell in love with.


The front of the house which I love because it is very proportional.


The mud room or sun room, as we call it, because it is so warm and light in there.



The living room with a very old heater.














This is the master bedroom, I will be moving the washer and dryer into here so my girl will have more space in her room.















My daughter’s room will change a lot, because all the cabinets will need to come out along with the washer and dryer hookups.














The bathroom will also be redone, and the doors will be changed to sliding ones so they will no longer collide into each other.
















The kitchen although it was really cute, will also be updated and the layout changed to better suit our need for a larger table.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of our new home, and soon I will show you all the new updates we have been working on.

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8 Responses to Just a Little Over 600 Sq Ft

  1. Karen says:

    Congratulations, Tammy!

    • Tammy says:

      Thanks Karen – I am really excited, and a little overwhelmed with all the work we are doing!

  2. Cobi says:

    Wow!!! What changes!!! Looks like you!! When are you moving? And about where is it??

  3. Trish says:

    It suits you!!! I can see why it called your name! <3

  4. Laura says:

    I love it!