Labor Day – The Day to Celebrate Work by Not Working

What’s not to love about that.   Apparently Oregon was the first state to make it a holiday on February 21, 1887. Not surprising to me that even way back then Oregonians were finding a way to celebrate work by not working 🙂  Labor Day became a federal holiday in 1894 according to my oh-so-reliable source Wikipedia.  The form for the celebration of Labor Day was outlined in the first proposal of the holiday: A street parade to exhibit to the public “the strength and esprit de corps of the trade and labor organizations followed by a festival for the workers and their families.”

Well – it’s not a street parade, but this worker is celebrating work by doing the following:Labor-Day-on-the-Screen-PorchEating breakfast on the screen porch and reading some of a Nero Wolfe mystery from 1947 on my Kindle. Labor-Day-Inflatable-Pool-Tear-Down-PorchStarting the inflatable pool tear down process.  The filter is unhooked and the pool is drained, but not dry.  Luckily we are supposed to have a dry week of weather so I should be able to get my beloved little pool completely dry inside and out before trying to fold/roll it up and store it until next summer.  I have to dry the pool cover (not pictured), and the tarp too although they are much easier to deal with than the pool which ends up needing to be hung upside down over lawn furniture.  I’m not to that step yet.  I’m going to just let it sit like this today because I’m focused on another HUGE project.Labor-Day-Lego-Sorting-ProjectLego set rebuilding.  Don’t judge.  This self-imposed puzzle project does give you a fair amount of insight into how my slightly disturbed mind works….and how much I love a good puzzle.

Isak is nearly 16 now.  He suddenly was done building and making animated videos with Legos when he was about 12. (if you visit this old site of Isak’s – please note he is wearing a wig and glasses from his grandma’s house to try to look as ridiculous as possible for his Avatar photo).  So – this project has been a long time coming and I finally want to reclaim the space in our house that the “Lego Studio” corner has been taking up.

Because we had a system for storing Lego pieces (by type) and because he was (and still is) a cautious, only child I have every reason to believe that we have all the pieces and if I use the inventory list at the back of the instruction books and sort through and all the sets I will be able to basically have nearly new Lego sets all over again that we could sell or keep for a future generation.

Isak and Boyd both shake their heads at this project of mine.  I have been having Isak build the sets for me to photograph once I track down all the pieces.  Then he takes them apart (or I do if I’m getting impatient) and I lay out the pieces to match the inventory list at the back of the book and then I photograph that in case we want to sell the set.  I’m really trying to ensure that everything is there.  I don’t want my future grandchildren to get all excited to build the Lego Star Wars Rebel Hoth Base only to find out that the piece that holds on the leg of the walker is not in the box!  I don’t think I can deal with that kind of disappointment….. not that I’m projecting into the very distant future or anything.

…..or I will let Isak sell them and buy a car.

I also found this photo from last year.  This is my plan for the rest of the year.  Get up.  Eat breakfast (late).  Read. Eat lunch.  Read some more.  Maybe take a nap.  Blog.  Eat dinner. Walk the dog.  Sleep.  Repeat.Labor-Day-on-the-Screen-Porch-

Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing Labor Day – celebrating Labor by not doing any labor at all.

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