Lakedale Resort – Friday Harbor, San Juan Island

Stranded on an Island

I planned a Vintage Vacation for our family last summer.  I found a place called Lakedale Resort on San Juan Island that has a restored Airstream trailer we could stay in for a couple of nights.  This Airstream glamping trip inspired Boyd to want to do a vintage photo shoot and bring props and dress me up and all that.



I’ll fill you in on the details of the Airstream Vintage Vacation part of our trip in my next post.  This story is about how much better my vacation was after things out of my control went wrong.






When I booked the Airstream I noticed that Lakedale Resort also has a beautiful timbered lodge on their property (as well as cabins, canvas tent glamping, and tent sites.)



Lakedale-Resort-Lodge-and-Airstream-TrailerI love a nice lodge any day of the year so I was curious to at least check it out when we got there, but we were going to stay in the Airstream.  What I didn’t know when I made our reservation was that we would get to enjoy the Airstream, but we would also end up getting to stay in the beautiful lodge.

This was not part of my master plan….

Car-Trouble-in-Friday-HarborI swear I didn’t sabotage our van so our vacation would have to be two days longer!  The battery light had been going on and off since we arrived on the island so I tried to drive the van into town to have someone look at it.  About 3/4 of the way to town I discovered I was only coasting, so I coasted as far as I could and then used the last bit of my cell phone battery (which I couldn’t charge thanks to the also dead car battery) to call the service station for a tow truck, and to call Boyd and Isak to tell them to have fun back at the Lakedale Resort, and to try to figure out where we could stay the night on the island with no advance notice.

While I was in town at the Service Center (and the massage place I had noticed the day before), Boyd managed to book a couple of nights in the lodge at the Lakedale Resort.  Let me wipe away my tears (of joy) 😉

Lakedale-Resort-Lodge-LobbyThis is the beautiful great room inside the lodge.

Lakedale-Resort-Lodge-Lobby-Gift-ShopA really nice little sundries shop.

Lakedale-Resort-Lodge-Lemon-WaterLemon & lime water…….and there were brownies too.

Lakedale-Resort-Lodge-Chess-Game-overlooking-the-LakeThat is Neva Lake just beyond the deck.

Lakedale-Resort-Lodge-Row-Boat-RentalsThey even gave us a complimentary boat rental while they hustled around to get a room ready for their surprise lodge guests.

Lakedale-Resort-Isak-&-Trish-on-Neva-LakeI’m really upset about the van and our change of plans. That is my upset face.

Isak-Row-your-Boat-Ashore-Boyd-Take-PhotosIsak was happy learning how to row a boat. Boyd is happy as long as there is something to photograph.

Lakedale-Resort-Neva-LakeIt was so wonderful out on the lake.

Lakedale-Resort-Lodge-from-our-Boat-on-Neva-LakeThat is the view back to the lodge.

Lakedale-Resort-Lodge-Room-KeysWe were so fortunate they had a lovely upstairs room available.

Lakedale-Resort-Lodge-Queen-Room-with-Extra-BedSince they didn’t expect us as lodge guests, they improvised with an airbed for Isak.

Lakedale-Resort-Lodge-KitchenetteIt is always so nice to have a little fridge in the room.  We stored some leftover camping food and drinks.

Lakedale-Resort-Lodge-Bathroom As you can tell from the photo, I’m really unhappy about how my trip isn’t going according to my original plans.

Lakedale-champagneThe staff even gifted us with lovely drinks (including sparkling cider for Isak). Completely unnecessary, but so incredibly wonderful.  This was one of the many little acts of kindness that were continually happening from the amazing staff at Lakedale.  I don’t know if everyone gets as much love as we did, but everyone there did everything they could to help us salvage our vacation which had been riddled with unexpected challenges even before the van died.

Lakedale-Resort-Tie-Dye-Blue-and-Green-SwirlBoyd & Isak tie-died shirts.

Lakedale-Resort-Tie-Dye-Heart-Shirts-Hanging-to-Dry-with-Clothes-PinsThere were some cool tie-dyed heart designs drying on the line.

This is the General Store where the boat rentals are as well as some pre-prepared food, groceries and all the rest of the camping goodness.

Lakedale-Resort-Hot-Dogs-from-The-General-StoreSince we weren’t planning another day at the resort, we were out of cooked food so we had delicious hot dogs that they were cooking outside the General Store.

Lakedale-Resort-Swimming-HoleThere is a swimming area.

Lakedale-Paddle-Board-and-Paddle-Boat…but Isak really wanted to see what it was like to paddle board.

Lakedale-Resort-Paddle-BoardingTalk about magical.

Lakedale-Resort-Reading-on-the-Deck-overlooking-Lake-NevaI wanted to sit on my balcony and read.  Talk about really, really magical.

Lakedale-Resort-Road-from-StorybrookWe walked down a road that felt like we were heading straight into Storybrooke from the TV show Once Upon a Time.

Lakedale-Resort-General-Store-Bat-House-WatchingWe watched the bat houses at dusk to try and spot one of the highly trained mosquito eaters.  I don’t know if it was just the conditions last summer or if their bats are just over-achievers like the rest of the staff, but I honestly don’t remembering seeing a mosquito.

Lakedale-Resort-Lodge-Exterior-at-NightThe front entrance of the lodge.

Lakedale Resort Lobby Great Room FireplaceBack in the lodge’s great room.

Lakedale-Resort-Lodge-view-of-Neva-Lake-from-Breakfast-DeckLake Neva from outside the lodge.

Lakedale-Resort-Lodge-Deck-off-Breakfast-RoomThe lodge’s outdoor and indoor breakfast area.

Lakedale-Resort-Lodge-View-of-Lake-from-Room-5Does it get any better than this?  I submit that it does not.

Lakedale-Resort-Breakfast-TablesOh wait – it does get better.  How could I forget Mary Ann’s lodge breakfast –  I had an omelet, plus fruit, granola & yogurt, self-service non-stop pancakes, coffee, juice….I ate way too much.

Lakedale-Resort-Breakfast-Coffee-TableCoffee & tea bar.

Lakedale-Breakfast-Fruit-CerealsJuice, fruit, granola, cereals, pastries, and there is another wall of choices behind Boyd as well!

Lakedale-Resort-Earths-Candy-Granola-&-Dried-FruitWe had a lovely time talking with Mary Ann and her husband Karl who is the General Manager of the property.  She told us all about different things we could do on the island, and even gifted us with some of her own homemade granola & dried fruit.  They impressed us as wonderful people, which I believe must be true because their same positive attitude, sincerity, and graciousness were also expressed by everyone else that we encountered on their staff.Lakedale-Resort-Row-Boat-2We had a wonderful time.  I would highly recommend getting stranded at the Lakedale Resort!


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  1. Rene Louthan says:

    Lovely place! No sabotage going on there?! JK Glad it turned out to be a blessed time!

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