I like lamb!

Lamb is expensive!

I am not an expensive type person!

Fortunately for me, Albertsons doesn’t seem to sell a bunch of lamb which means it gets marked down quite often.  I always keep my eyes peeled for marked down packages of lamb neck or shoulder-blade chops.  These usually go for a coupla bucks.  I stash them in the freezer until I feel like I have enough to fiddle with.

One of the things I make with lamb is this stew like dish.  First, I chuck the lamb in the crock-pot with a smidge of water and then just let it cook away.  Next, I pull the lamb out and separate the meat from the bone.  Toss those bones back in the crock-pot with water, cover them, and let them cook.  One reason for using the crock-pot for this is because, to be honest, you don’t wanna smell lamb all day.  Once you get your lamb stock made, pour it over the picked meat and refrigerate it.  There’s gonna be a lot of fat.  You want to let it harden overnight and then pull it off the top.  I’m talking a goodly amount of fat.  These are the animals that provide us with lanolin for lotions so you know they’re gonna be greasy.  I like to do all this stuff ahead of time and then put it all back in the freezer for when I’m ready to make this stew.


So, once your lamb and stock are thawed put them in a big pot.










Add a can of drained white beans of some sort (Great Northern, Cannellini, white kidney) and a can of undrained diced tomatoes of some sort.  Next, comes the artichokes.  Sometimes I use canned and sometimes jarred and marinated – whatever I have.  Heat it all up.  A large bag of spinach is next.  Once it’s cooked down I add orzo to cook.  I season it with some lemon juice and Cavender’s Greek Seasoning.  I love this seasoning – it transforms zucchini on the grill.  And there you have it – A Greek inspired lamb stew/soup.


I serve it with Feta on top, of course!

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