Leeks with Hats

I am easily entertained.  There is no question about that.

Especially when my leek blossom is wearing a silly hat. Leeks-with-HatsI love the blossoms on my onions and leeks.  They did much better than my Allium this year.  This photo was taken just when the blooms were starting to open about a month ago.

So let’s zoom in.

Leeks-and-Onions-with-Hats-ZoomAs you can see there is already a bit of a fashion statement going on, but I honestly didn’t notice it at this stage.

Until this happened.  I was out watering and there it was.  My leek blossom was wearing a goofy hat.

Leeks-and-Onions-with-HatsI know, I know…. it is just the casing for the blossom, but I think it is pretty hilarious that it didn’t blow off, but has become a fashion accessory instead.

Leeks in BloomThis is the super cool state the leek blossoms are in right now.  They feel very interesting to touch.

In other news.  I was dead-heading the Calendula in my flower pot on our screen porch when I found THIS!

CalendulaAnd I’m not talking about the bug on the top blossom.  The new blossom has grown right out of the center of the dead one.  I was trying to be so careful not to accidentally snap off good flowers while deadheading the spend blooms when I ran across this and my brain went into suspended reality.  What am I supposed to do?  Do I snap it off or not?!!!  It is still there in case you are wondering.  Not the flower…… my brain….in suspended reality.

2 Responses to Leeks with Hats

  1. Karen says:

    Great pictures! The leek hat reminds me of the dancing flowers in “Fantasia” and I love your dead head dilemma.