Living Room Furniture

It is finally time to bring in the living room furniture – well at least the couch!

One evening when my husband wasn’t home my daughter and I decided to unload the couch from the storage unit and bring it in. We wanted him to be surprised, and have a comfortable place to sit when he got home.

Living-Room-Furniture-1So into the storage unit the two of us girls went. We had to move everything out-of-the-way so that we could get the large boxes, that held our new couch, out from the middle of the unit.

Living-Room-Furniture-2The microfiber sectional couch we bought at Fred Meyers right when we bought the house. I didn’t plan on purchasing it before the house was ready to furnish, but it went on sale for about 50% off so I bought it – since it was such a great price.

When we got the boxes out of the storage unit I noticed that one of the boxes had oil on the side of it. Upon seeing this I was really nervous that I was going to have to purchase another piece of the couch to replace this one that was now ruined.

Amazingly the cardboard held all the oil and the couch was untouched – Thank God!

Living-Room-Furniture-3Here’s my girl trying out the first piece of our new couch.

When the day started we planned to clean the whole living room and get all the remodeling supplies out of it before we brought in the couch, but the day had slipped by and we were running out of day light – so we just cut back the paper that was on the floor and mopped the section of flooring that the couch would be sitting on.

Living-Room-Furniture-4So in came our new sectional couch among all the mess that we had pushed to the side, but boy was it exciting!

Even Winnie was excited about the couch, but she is not looking at me, because she didn’t want me to see that she is on our brand new furniture!

Living-Room-Furniture-5Because it got so late getting the couch pieces into the house we had to wake up early the next morning to get the room straightened and presentable for my husband to see his surprise. We had to move all the stuff out, and pull up the rest of the paper so we could clean the floor.

Living-Room-Furniture-6Once it was all cleaned up it looked really good. We made Winnie a little bed on the floor to try to persuade her to stay off the couch, and removed everything else from the room.

When my husband got home he was happy to find that the couch was in, and I also had a friend help install our internet and phone line.

Boy were we starting to feel spoiled!

So what did my honey do?

He ran straight out side and found –

Living-Room-Furniture-8The TV of course!

What is a couch without a TV!

Living-Room-Furniture-9And what is a TV without at least 3 channels!

Yes, that is all we seem to be getting with our antenna strung across the room to reach the window, but 3 channels are better than 2 – right!

Wow – our little house is starting to really shape up and feel like home!

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