Righteous Loaf

When I was a young wanna-be housewife in my twenties, my boyfriend and I had a friend over for a meatloaf dinner.  Once the friend was done eating he said “That was a righteous loaf.”  I think of that every time I make a meatloaf.  Now that I’m in my fifties, it’s one of my eldest daughter’s favorite meals.

Everyone has a meatloaf recipe and I bet they’re all good.  Here’s how I make mine –

Take 2 plus pounds of ground beef (here you can add any other ground meat as well) I didn’t have any sausage to add, or I would have.  I have even added ground chicken to meatloaf and it still tastes good but looks a little funny and swirly – but reduces calories.


I add an egg, a handful of quick oats, a handful of seasoned bread crumbs, and my seasonings.  I use a squirt of Worcestershire sauce, a squirt of ketchup and half a package of onion soup mix.  You can add a whole one but those suckers are salty.


Then you gotta get your hand in there and smoosh it all together.


My mix looked like it could take some more add ins (plus we were having a dinner guest) and I really wanted to stretch my meat so I added a palmful of chia seeds and then another egg and more breadcrumbs.  Another squirt of both Worcestershire and ketchup and smoosh again.


I have a spiffy old pan that my mom gave me.  It has one pan with holes drilled in it that sits inside another pan.  This way grease drains into the bottom – pretty slick (pun intended).  I pat the meat into the pan that I sprayed with non stick spray as evenly as I can.  Then I stick it in the fridge for the flavors to mix for a few hours before dinner.

I’ll pop it into the oven at 350 for an hour or so.  You’ll want the internal temp to be at least 160 degrees.  Sometimes this takes longer – kinda depends how much stuff you have in there I guess.


Let the meatloaf rest for a good 10-15 minutes so it can firm up before you slice it.  I always have visions of a lovely cold meatloaf sandwich the next day, but we have 2 hungry teens (3 tonight) so left-overs rarely happen.


Tonight my righteous loaf will be served with plenty of cut up raw veggies and dip, jo-jo potatoes (another family fave) and cauliflower in pesto sauce.

Yum, pass the ketchup please.

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