Moving Day Miseries

Moving day miseries – is putting it lightly!!!

We woke up to a busy schedule of packing, hauling, cleaning, and bathroom installing.

Although almost all the packing was done, we had all the bathroom, kitchen, and clothing items that we were still using and wanted to keep out of storage to pack up. We also still had about three truck loads to take to the new place. The temperature was expected to be close to 100 degrees, and neither houses nor the truck had AC to enjoy.

“At least it’s not raining,” was what all the neighbors kept telling us as we stared at them in their AC cool cars, as they drove by while we were standing outside – dripping with sweat. They were right, I know, but it didn’t feel right.

Morning was spent driving back and forth between the two places, come noon my husband was loading the last load into the truck, when the new owners showed up with their U-haul. We were not expecting them until 6:30pm, so we were quite surprised to see them. My girl started crying, because she was not ready to leave the only home she could remember, and I started crying, because I had not had time to clean the house yet, and I was feeling really rushed and a lot of pressure to be done early. So my husband went out to talk to them. Their realtor told them they could start moving in at noon, so with the mix up my husband and the new owner worked out a deal. The new owner would unload his stuff into the garage, while I still had until 6:30pm to clean the house.

The plan was that I would clean the old house while my husband got the bathroom up and running at the new place.

Moving-Day-Miseries-6Unfortunately, the sink and toilet were sitting in the living room, still in their boxes. The shower was also not ready to be in operation yet either. So he stopped by The Home Depot to get the parts he needed, and off he went to make a happy home for us.

My girl and I stayed at our old house and cleaned, and melted in the heat, and cleaned some more. I am a very slow, detailed cleaner – so I hate cleaning, because I have a hard time letting anything go. So as 5:30 rolled around my sister called to see if I could use some help. At first I told her I was fine, but she persisted, and I am so glad she did! Boy did I need her help! We ended up walking out the door of our old home at exactly 6:30pm – right when the new owners arrived.

It was a bit hard to leave a nice clean house.



Moving-Day-Miseries-3Knowing that there would be no kitchen, and tons of work to do on the new place, kind of made it sad to leave. At least with all the rushing we didn’t have time to morn.

Moving-Day-Miseries-4The washer and dryer would also be something I would miss. I washed my last load of laundry that day, and would plan to do laundry for the next month or more wherever I could, maybe at family or friends homes? I had no real plan – the laundromat was my back up plan, if I couldn’t find somewhere else to do the wash.

Moving-Day-Miseries-5I was hoping we would have one of these (a bathroom) in working order by the time I arrived at what would hopefully become our next beloved home.

When my girl and I hit the road we called to see how my husband was doing. He was back at The Home Depot to get more parts. So we met him there and went home together.

Moving-Day-Miseries-7Back at home this was the position my husband stayed in for the next three hours. Things were not working out so well for him. I am not sure what all went wrong, all I know is that by the end of the night he had the sink and toilet working, but he got the wrong parts for the shower, and there was no time to make another hour and a half round trip back to the store before it closed.

Moving-Day-Miseries-9The other surprise we had, was that the toilet was too short to be able to sit flat on the floor. So some stones, that were left from the stone work in the bath tub, were put under it to hold the toilet up to the level it needed to be. When we took the old flooring out we ended up taking out a layer of plywood, and some other flooring layers that had been placed on top of each other. It looks like that caused the floor to be way lower than it needed to be for the level the toilet needed to be set at. So the stones will stay, and I guess a bead of caulk will be placed around the toilet to hide the stones?

Moving-Day-Miseries-8At least we had a working toilet by nightfall.

Though we planned to set up a tent to live in for a while, that didn’t happen the first night. We were all to worn out! So into the house came the stuff we would need for living outside, and we set up for the night.

Moving-Day-Miseries-11In came our kitchen cooking items.

Moving-Day-Miseries-12And all the things we deemed as needed for living.

Moving-Day-Miseries-10Winnie got her bed set up!

Moving-Day-Miseries-13And so did we.

Winnie what are you doing on my bed!

Didn’t you see your nice set up in the kitchen?

Well at least we got to sleep one more night inside, before we headed outside to live.

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