My Swing’n Chicken

Have you ever heard of a swing’n chicken before?


Well, let me tell you about one!

Last weekend me husband was working outside burning the wood that was still left over from the haunted house. I think that wood is multiplying! I swear every time we burn some and then look outside the pile just looks bigger then when we began!

The day was beautiful, warm and sunny. So as my husband burned he got hot. He ended throwing his jacket on the porch swing since he knew the pile would take all day to burn, and he would need his jacket as evening fell.

Our chickens really like to socialize with us, so they hung around the fire all day and talked about the wood, and waited while hubby picked up the next piece so they could check if there were any nice bugs or worms to eat.


As the day went on Peanut Butter – Yes, it is always Peanut Butter who does the unusual things – climbed up into the jacket on the porch swing and took a nap. She literally took a nap!


She was so cute all curled up in the jacket. I bet she stayed there for at least 30 minutes.

Swing'n-Chicken-Porch-Swing-Chicken-Egg-3I am sure she was wondering why I was bothering her beauty sleep with all that camera clicking.

Swing'n-Chicken-Porch-Swing-Chicken-Egg-4After I went back into the house to clean, my husband called me outside to see the gift she left. Of course, she laid an egg there, that is her trade mark style. Lay an egg in every spot of the yard so that when Easter comes the egg hunt will be totally ready. I really have to watch that girl – she is very busy!

Well there you have – a porch swing and a swing’n chicken.

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