Not Exactly Glamping

Glamping is glamorous camping. I love the look and feel of glamping, and have always wanted to go glamping.

Camping is something we do all the time. Usually we lay on a poor air mattress and sleep in a tent that is way to small for the three of us. There is no bathroom and dirt is everywhere, on our feet, clothes, and in our hair.

Moving to our new home meant that we would have to start sleeping in a tent so that the hard wood floors could be refinished.

Not-Exactly-Glamping-1So up went our large canvas tent. This tent we don’t usually take with us camping, because it takes a while to set up. If my husband uses it, it is usually for hunting with the boys.

It looks like a nice start to a glamping setup doesn’t it?

Not-Exactly-Glamping-2But then when you walk in the glamping feeling dies. We have a nice assortment of mix and not match camping blankets, and not much else – except we did invest in some bed height blow up mattresses. The new mattresses definitely make me happier!

The rest of our stuff has been placed in unusual places around the house and property.

Not-Exactly-Glamping-3Our clothing has been placed in the mud/sun room. This room will be the last room to get worked on so we thought it would be a great place to store our clothing that we kept available – at least until a bedroom closet is ready for them. This room is in front of the house, and can be reached from the outside of the house in case the wood floors are wet, but it is also pretty close to the bathroom. So we thought it would be the best option. The black bags hold the dirty laundry. Since we will not have a washer/dryer for a while these bags make it easier to haul for cleaning. I wonder what the UPS guy thought of the decor at our front door when he dropped off a package for us.

Oh how embarrassing!














My girl had a bit of a problem finding some clothing she forgot to leave out. This container is like a very big messy closet that you could get lost in. Boy was she glad when she found her lost items.

Not-Exactly-Glamping-6The fridge moved from the kitchen to the back porch. This is what I call back porch living. The stove is being stored in the garage for the time being. This way the kitchen is clear of all obstacles so that the floors are ready to go.

Not-Exactly-Glamping-7I ended up hanging garbage bags on the fridge door so they didn’t blow away, and so that Winnie dog couldn’t reach the trash which she so dearly believes is her dessert bag.

Not-Exactly-Glamping-8This building which comes straight off the back of the house was the old wood shed for the home. We will be removing it so that we can eventually have a large deck off the back, and have a great view of our back yard. For now it is serving the purpose of our glamping – no camping – no – well lets just say our kitchen.

Not-Exactly-Glamping-9A fine kitchen – right. Well I have to tell you that cooking isn’t something I love, even though I do it. So cooking out here with the bugs and cool breezes in the morning and evening time doesn’t really spark the stove, or the imagination.









Here is a quick look at the kitchen items I kept out of storage. I keep everything upside down for a reason – bugs and dust don’t help an already bad meal taste any better.

The toaster seems to be our favorite cooking tool!

Not-Exactly-Glamping-12After the first week my husband added some more light to the kitchen. Since the building will be coming down he decided to get a jump-start on it. This also let us see what the view would look like from the kitchen window that was turned. It will be so lovely one day, even though it doesn’t look like anything now.

I am glad I have a big imagination!

Or I would be really scared of our tiny new house!

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