Oh, Those Dog Rolls

My dog Winnie loves to sleep! Her favorite place to sleep is on my daughter’s bed, but she only sleeps there if my daughter is with her. She doesn’t like to be alone!

During the day she sleeps on the chair in the dining room, that way she can be as close to us as possible.

The other day we were sitting at the table and noticed that Winnie was asleep, but her head wasn’t down on the cushion like it normally is. This time her head was rested slightly up on the chair arm which created some really funny looking rolls on her face.

Winnie’s Fun Dog Rolls


But then her eyes opened and her expression got a whole lot funnier!

Winnie’s What are You Looking at Face


Oh my did we laugh at her dog rolls.

I think it made our day!

I love it when simple things like that can help an OK day turn out so much better.

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