Our Tiny House Demo

The first three days after we got the keys to our new home were busy.

Our – Tiny House Demo – started right away!

We had one month before we were to move in and we were determined to move into a finished house, now I know some of you are chuckling, because you know already we didn’t make that deadline, not even close, but we had to try!









The first thing to come out of the house was the carpet! My husband went over the night we got the keys and ripped it all out, my girl and I were at a party so we didn’t get to go over on the first day.

Then the big demo happened with the help of my niece and nephew …. thanks guys we couldn’t have done it with out you!














Most of the bathroom got ripped out, because the water damage was pretty bad.














The doorway into the kitchen was moved over so that the new kitchen cabinets will fit. The new standard size in cabinets is about 3 inches deeper than the original kitchen cabinets. Also, all the built-in shelves were removed so that my girl will be able to put her bed on that wall. We kept all the good wood so we can use it when we rebuild some new cabinets.


The vinyl in the kitchen was pulled up and we found that the original fir floors looked lovely, but the staples that we had to pull out of the wood were so hard to get out since they were almost 3″ long. Us girls worked on it all day, and by the end of the day we hadn’t even finished one room, it was so much work.














My girl took down all the hardware that we didn’t need to keep, and Winnie looked confused most of the day!


The worst discovery of the day was the mouse home that was built under the kitchen sink cabinet. It also contained two dead mice that stunk so bad.  I am so glad that we removed the cabinets, otherwise that smell would have been an odor that I would have never been able to find to clean.















But the biggest thing we achieved that day was the removal of the chimney. Since we were not going to use the old heater, we would have no need for the chimney. If removed it would create a nice location in the kitchen for our dinning room table to sit, and in a tiny house every square inch is needed. So we took the whole thing out, it was awesome, and fun to remove!

So much happened on that day!

I am so glad to of had the help we did on our tiny house demo, we never could have gotten so many things done without it!

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