Twofer Deal on Pork – Pork Steak

I bought a big ole hunk of pork loin from Winco for less than $10.  Big enough for at least 2 meals for my hungry family.  As usual I chucked it into the freezer until I figured out what I wanted to do with it.


This weekend I took it out and decided I wanted to grill part of it.  I cut the roast in half.  The one I was going to grill, I cut into slices and ended up with 7 good size servings.  I decided to use yet another Penzey’s spice.


This one is called Sate seasoning and it brings the Thai flavor with lemongrass and ginger.


I went with just dry rubbing the chops on both sides with a liberal coating of the seasoning and stuck them in the fridge for the day.

For a side dish I thought I would try grilling cauliflower steaks.  I cut through the head of cauliflower after I trimmed off the leaves and cut out some of the core.


I tried to get some good-sized slices so they would stay together.  I saved the rest of the cauliflower that came off as I was slicing.  There are plenty of florets left to use for another meal of stir fry or something.


With my cauliflower steaks I figured I’d marinate them in the usual olive oil, lemon juice and the addition of tarragon.  So far, so good.

Now my dinner needs some color.  I’m up for some kale.  While the pork and veg are chilling in the fridge, I prep my kale by stripping it from the ribs, chopping and washing it.


At dinnertime, my husband mans the grill putting the cauliflower and pork steak on at the same time.  Inside, I sautéed the kale in bacon grease with garlic and a splash of both liquid smoke and vinegar.  Salt and pepper and we’re good to go.


It all came together quite nicely.  I was concerned the pork might be a bit dry since the loin was pretty lean.  That turned out not to be the case and we all enjoyed it.

Stay tuned for the second half of the roast next time.

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