Rustic Kitchen Shelves

I just love the rustic kitchen shelves we put up in the kitchen! Even though they didn’t turn out like I originally planned.

When we started the kitchen remodel I knew that I would not be able to afford upper cabinets, and after really looking at the kitchen it was obvious that cabinets wouldn’t really be able to fit on the walls because of the two windows anyways.

One day while looking at Pinterest I found some chunky, rustic, wood floating shelves that I thought would be perfect for our kitchen.


I bought these bolts at Home Depot. They weren’t made exactly for chunky wood shelves, but my husband thought that they would work anyways. Originally they had rubber washers on the ends of them, and they were intended to have a shelf set on top of the bolts, and the washer was there to keep the shelf from sliding around. Although different from the original design we hoped that we could drill a hole into the shelf and slide it onto the bolts, and that this would be enough to hold up the shelf.


Although the bolts went into the back of the wood like a dream, it soon became obvious that with the weight of the wood and then the weight of the dishes these shelves were probably not going to work out like I had planned. So reinforcements were needed.










My husband and daughter came up with this system to hold the extra weight for the shelves. I was expecting something a little smaller in scale, so when I got home from work and saw this set up I was really shocked and really pleased all at the same time. I never imagined all this hard ware, but boy did I like it!

Rustic-Kitchen-Shelves-7 Rustic Kitchen Shelves








The new rustic kitchen shelves are working out wonderfully! They seem really strong and I love the way they turned out.

Rustic-Kitchen-Shelves-1 Rustic-Kitchen-Shelves-2








It was so nice to get all the items that were being kept on the counter put away. Not all of the things were placed on the rustic kitchen shelves, but a good amount of the everyday items were. The rest of the things found a new home at Goodwill or were placed under the counter. I made the hard decision to get rid of two more pieces of my Fiesta Ware. A set of 6 will be just fine for our family, and I decided that if we had more than three guests over then I would probably not want to wash all those dishes anyways so I could just use paper plates instead of real dishes.

Rustic Kitchen Shelves

I am so glad to see some organization starting to happen! It gives me hope and helps me get excited about organizing the rest of the house.

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