Salmon – Foiled Again

So being as we aren’t made of money, I’m always happy to take food contributions since we seem to just keep eating several times a day.  My mom and dad gave me some frozen salmon that my aunt’s husband caught (We Portland folk like to know our food’s provenance).  I thawed it out and it smelled, well, a bit..fishy.


I am not one to look a gift salmon in the mouth so I decided to soak it in milk to lessen the fishyness.  Plus this way our dog gets a salmon milk aperitif when I take the fish out to cook.  Go Jocko!

You probably can skip this step.

I will be cooking this salmon “en papillote” except not… because that means in paper and I will be using good old Reynolds Wrap foil.


Grab about a square foot of foil and grease one half of it.  I’m using olive oil.  Plop your fish down on the greased side after seasoning both sides of your fish.


I’m using Ruth Ann’s Muskego Ave Chicken and Fish Seasoning.  I have no idea who this Ruth Ann lady is, but if she can get Penzey’s to throw some money at her, more power to her.  Besides, it’s not exactly an earth shattering new seasoning.  It consists of salt, black pepper, garlic, lemon peel and onion.  All good companions for fish.


Now pile some chopped veggies on top – whatever your family likes.  I’m using spinach because that’s what’s in my refrigerator.  Add some thinly slice lemon on top and a splash of liquid.  You can use water, stock or white wine.  Guess which one I’m going for?  You only need a tablespoon or two to steam your fish and veggies.


Fold your foil up into a nice, package with a good tight seam to unfold.  Leave plenty of room around the meal to let things cook.  Place it on a cookie sheet and stick in a 400 degree oven for about 15 minutes.  Take it out and let it sit for a coupla minutes so you don’t get a steam burnt face.


Unroll your seam and there’s your entrée.

This is really good with mild white fish like cod, tilapia, swai, all sorts of creatures.  You can change up the seasonings to get different ethnic flavors (sesame oil and ginger, Cajun spice, whatever tickles your fancy).  Super quick and easy meal with a side of rice or grains.

You know you need to eat more fish – give it a try.

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