San Juan Island Road Trip

If you have any kind of transportation there are a lot of places to explore on San Juan Island.  We had a vehicle for most of our trip so we drove around the island.

San Juan Island MapWe were staying at the Lakedale Resort, but it was still a bit early to check in so we headed to the other side of the island to the Krystal Acres Alpaca Farm and Country Store.

Krystal-Acres-Alpaca-Farm-Country-Store-San-Juan-IslandKrystal-Acres-Alpaca-Farm-Boyd-and-Trish-Vintage-VacationWe walked around and looked at the alpaca and took photos.

Krystal-Acres-Alpaca-Farm-Black-Alpaca-Face Come to me alpaca I want to touch your faceIsak, at one point, was singing a song beckoning an alpaca to come closer to him….”Come to me…. I just want to pet your face…”  It was super funny.  It didn’t work, but I sure enjoyed it.

Krystal-Acres-Alpaca-Farm-Country-Store-Toy-Alpaca-SculpturesThe Country Store was nice (and air-conditioned) and expensive.  Alpaca wool is to-die-in soft.

Krystal-Acres-Alpaca-Farm-Alpaca-FaceWhat a face.

Krystal-Acres-Alpaca-Farm-Alpaca-NoseI really, really love alpaca.

San-Juan-Island-Road-TripRoche-Harbor-San-Juan-Island-SignProgressing toward the north end of San Juan Island will take you past English Camp National Historic Park (which we just drove past) to Roche Harbor.

Roche-Harbor-San-Juan-IslandViewWe found a nice view up above the Roche Harbor Resort area.

Roche-Harbor-San-Juan-Island-Paddle-BoardsThe paddle boarders look like little miniatures.  I think someone is taking their photo from that little dock.

Next we headed south down the west side of the island to try our luck whale watching at Lime Kiln Point State Park.

Lime-Kiln-Point-State-Park-Parking-FeeSince we aren’t Washington state residents with a parks system Discovery Parking Pass, we had to pay the $10 day rate.

Lime-Kiln-Point-Interpretive Center-San-Juan-IslandThere is an Interpretive Center.  I didn’t need anything interpreted so we just visited the cute little food cart behind the interpretive center.

Lime-Kiln-Point-State-Park-Red-Checkered-Picnic-San-Juan-IslandRed Checkered Picnic has it going on.  It is the back of a truck pulled up to this super charming deck.  Great food selection and snacks and a brilliant idea.

Lime-Kiln-Point-State-Park-Whale-WatchingTo get to the view points there is a nice little walk down a trail that is best done in shoes that don’t tend to slip off your feet….not that I made a poor shoe selection.  I had to go slow.  It was irritating but I survived.

Lime-Kiln-Point-State-Park-Kayak-Watching-Whale-WatchingBeautiful view.  Oh my….. what’s that out there in the distance?!   Oh.  It’s a pod of kayakers.

Lime-Kiln-Point-State-Park-Kayaking-Whale-Watching So we ended up paying for parking to watch kayakers and watch people who were watching kayakers.  The whales apparently aren’t unionized so their appearances are rather random.    It is just so hard to get the whales to adhere to a reliable schedule.  Whales these days.  Sigh…

On to the next destination.

We had been given a hot tip about a local camel named Mona who lives not that far from the entrance to Lakedale Resort.  We had to go and find out.  A free-range camel.  OK – She is really a family pet.  How cool is that.

Mona-the-Camel-San-Juan-IslandHere is Mona the camel.

Mona-the-Camel-San-Juan-Island-BFFHere is Mona’s BFF.  From what I was told there was another animal that she had bonded with that they had to part with and it broke Mona’s heart.  She stopped eating and drinking and was not doing well at all, so they got her this little companion and she has been happy ever since.

We happened to have the perfect music to play for Mona.  I’ve heard it is a favorite among camels.  I’ve attached the video clip below so you can be certain we are crazy.

It is our midnight alarm song.  I’m not going to tell you how entertaining that is to me to actually get to play it for a real live camel.

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