Shiplap Walls

Shiplap walls are really popular right now. So I was so happy when we ripped out the cabinets in my daughters new room and found shiplap walls. We went ahead and left two of the walls completely exposed, and the other two walls sheet rocked.


Shiplap-Walls-3We did a lot of sanding on the shiplap and patching on the ceiling and sheet rocked walls. We had to cover the holes where the old washer and dryer use to be.


Shiplap-Walls-5And then we were ready to prime. My husband primed all the walls with a roller, and I went back in and trimmed the room and between all the shiplap.


Shiplap-Walls-7After the primer we started the whole process again with paint. Two coats later and we were done and ready to clean up!

Shiplap-Walls-8I love the wood floors and shiplap walls! We still need to put some trim on the walls and install the baseboards, but we are waiting for now and trying to finish up the things that are the biggest and that will make life the most comfortable for us. We will finish the details that need to be purchased later.

With most of the rooms in the house looking pretty livable we decided to start bringing in the furniture. So my girl is the first one to get a bed and temporary closet in her room.

Shiplap-Walls-9This bed moved with us from our last house. It is a great storage piece with six drawers under it for her clothes. I stained the bed a walnut color to match our last home, but with our new darker colored floors I decided to give it a quick sanding and apply Jacobean stain to it so that it would blend well. I didn’t apply any clear coat to the bed that way if it gets scratched up I can just put a little more stain on the spot and it will look like new.

Shiplap-Walls-10The middle drawer is what the bed originally looked like stained in walnut, and the two drawers on the ends have the Jacobean stain on them. I really love the richness of the darker stain, and am so glad that I re-stained the bed.

Shiplap-Walls-11So down went her cow hide rug, because all cowgirls have cowhide rugs!

Shiplap-Walls-12And in came her bed and temporary closet.

Shiplap-Walls-13She really loves how her bedding looks with the newly stained bed and the cowhide rug. Although she still has a ton of things in the storage unit in the front yard. Her room is feeling nice, and it is the first place in the house that really has a ‘welcome home’ kind of feeling.

No more air mattress for her!

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2 Responses to Shiplap Walls

  1. MJ says:

    I love how the place is coming together. The wood floors look great. I had never heard of shiplap walls until I read this post. Good luck with getting everything finished. I’ll look forward to the final unveiling of the house!

    • Tammy says:

      I’d never heard of shiplap walls either until we discovered them in our house and my niece told me about them. I really do love them though. I kind of wish we exposed more of them.