Living with Chickens

Well, we have had our chickens for about two weeks now. So I thought that I would show you guys what we have set up for them to live in until we get them a permanent home.

Right now they live in our large dog kennel.

We keep a heating pad under it and a light on to keep them warm.

On nice days we take them outside and place them in a make shift playpen. We stay with them just in case a cat or large bird catches sight of them. My husband had these large tubes laying around. We decided to stack them, because our chicks like to test out there wings, and they can fly fairly high.

They certainly love to forage in the grass for hidden treasure!

Oh man, from their point of view we definitely look like giants!

I was trying to figure out how to take their picture, but not have them looking down for food. My husband had a large camping pan in the garage and I decided to see if I could use it to put them in.

I think it worked really well!

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