Building the Chicken Coop

Today we built the chicken coop. It came as a kit, so the whole family worked together to assemble it. It was so fun to see it come together, and I am so thankful for all the hard work everyone did.

I am not sure how they packaged all these pieces in one box!

All the pieces organized and ready.

We coated every piece with water seal.

My girl hard at work!

It took both of us coating pieces to keep up with my speedy hubby.

The start of the build. Winnie girl always wants to be part of the action.

Not done yet, but isn't it cute!

I love this, the two back panels come off for easy cleaning.

Hubby putting in the branches to roost on.

The chickens will love this.

The back panels just slide up and under the shingles then latch shut.

We have two nesting boxes that are easy to access.

Last but not least the ladder went in.

I think it is so cute!

We put the girls in to try it out, they loved it.

Before the girls can stay in the coop overnight we still need to do some critter proofing underneath it.

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