My Helpful Chickens

My helpful chickens are so funny and loving.

When they hear me open the back door, to come out, they all line up, and May scratches at the door like a dog. I just love May, she has so much personality and is always the first to run to me whenever I go outside.

I just love walking across the yard with my little flock of chickens following behind me. They make me crack up every time.

Just this last week I retrieved the largest egg yet! We all had to compare it to a store bought egg, because it looked so huge. It turns out that it was about the same size as a store bought egg. I guess we are just use to small eggs.

The chickens seem to be very helpful when it comes to eating the bugs in the yard, but they don’t realize that they are going to kill all my trees and shrubs. They dig around the trunks of the trees and expose the roots. Adding new dirt doesn’t help, it only gives them nice dirt to dig up.

The girls helped my husband take down the haunted house also. They followed him around all day, and monitored the wood that was stacked for the burn pile.

Chickens are so fun to have around. They are loving, friendly, social, hard working, and great contributors to our life.

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