Just a Little Chicken

As the weather gets wet around here I become more and more chicken to go outside. Not because I am afraid that I will melt, but because I am always cold and the wetness just makes me a lot colder.

Going out and seeing the chickens was so enjoyable during the summer, but walking out to clean up the coop everyday in the mud and standing in the poring rain while I change out the straw is not enjoyable at all.

So I started to dream about what I would do different, and then I started mentioning it quite often – just in case my husband wanted a new project.

Well, as it turns out he really didn’t want a project, but he came to my rescue anyway.

He decided that the pile of studs he used for the haunted house would work wonderfully for the chicken coop framing. So rough plans were drawn up to start the process.

I knew that I wanted to be able to walk inside something that was the size of a small shed. I also didn’t want to hit my head while I worked. Staying dry and not standing in mud also were at the top of my list. So the frame-work for a 6×8 free-standing shed with no flooring got underway.

We were so lucky that it fit under our patio’s roof so that we could build it in a nice dry spot. While building progressed Peanut Butter would visit often and supervise the work. Once the frame was put together I took all the old staples out so no one would get cut on them.

An egg box was put in.

Then wire was stapled to the bottom side of the framing. This will help keep unwanted visitors out of the coop.

Then moving day came, and we all hauled it to the yard to find the perfect spot for it.

Once we had it in place I sprinkled flour around the outside of it to mark where we should lay gravel. We decided that the gravel would keep the structure elevated up off the mud a bit, and that the wood might last longer if it was not sitting directly on the ground.

Then came the hauling. We bought the gravel and hauled it home, but the sun had set before we got it moved to the back yard. The next evening after work we went to haul it and, to our surprise, the top layer of rock had frozen solid. So after a lot of extra work breaking the frozen gravel free the gravel finally got moved into its new spot. On a positive note, because the ground was frozen the wheel barrow didn’t leave any ruts in the grass from the weight of the gravel being pushed across it.

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