Cleaning the Chicken Coop & Peanut Butter the Chicken

Cleaning the chicken coop is so much fun! OK, well maybe not fun, but much easier if you have the right tools!

A large cat litter scoop.

This tool works great to separate those lovely droppings from the pine shavings I have in the chicken’s sleeping box.

This fork is awesome!

It is a horse manure fork with wire zip tied to it. The wire we had left over from the bottom of our new coop. The wire lets the sand bedding fall through to the ground, but picks up some of the smaller droppings that the fork would miss. I love this modified fork! It saves my back from the pain of bending over and sifting all the sand with that small (I mean large) cat litter scoop.

This old metal rake I also use to help smooth out the sand when I am finished sifting through it.

The right tools totally make cleaning the chicken coop a breeze.

Peanut Butter the Chicken

Peanut Butter what a name!

I would have to say that this odd name fits perfectly with this odd chicken.

Here she is in all her glory! She is definitely the ring leader.

Every day when I let the girls out to forage she leads the way straight to the bulb area to finish off the last of my spring flowers that will never make it past her knees.

She is also quite an egg layer. She likes to be noticed while laying, and if she is out of the coop she will try to lay in different locations. The roof of their old coop didn’t work out to well when the egg rolled to its doom. The ladder she climbed and tried to lay her egg on, that was on the back patio, also had a similar consequence. She leaves them everywhere! So I am sure that we will start smelling some bad eggs when summer arrives.

If she is in the coop, when she is ready to lay, she will not use the laying boxes. Instead she backs herself up between the water and food dish and lays her egg there.

Even with all her quirks I would have to say that Peanut Butter is probably the friendliest and most social chicken I have ever met.

I love you Peanut Butter!

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