My Chicken May

May is one of my black and white chickens. She has yellow legs and feet, whereas Wilco has white legs and feet. May is pretty adventurous, she usually climbs to the top of everything. When I go outside she always runs to me for a nice visit.

Unfortunately, May seems to not be able to get totally clean when she takes a dust bath. She had some extra “things” hanging off her back feathers. I did some research on Pinterest and found that this is common, and you can give them a chicken bath if you need too.

So the other day when the weather was pretty warm I scooped her up and took her inside. I wanted to get her clean and give her enough time to dry before the sun set.

I ran some warm water in my kitchen sink. I really didn’t want to clean her in the kitchen, but I don’t have a sink in the laundry room, and my knee’s have been hurting, so I didn’t want to kneel on the floor to use the bath tub.

My whole family stood around to see the show! Everyone was sure that May would take off across the kitchen flinging water and “other” stuff around the kitchen.

But to their dissatisfaction I held her so tight that she didn’t move even an inch. I used only water to clean her and only got her wet where I needed to. She seemed to be OK with her bath, I think she thought that she was at the spa. After a while my girl fed her some food to help entertain her, and keep her busy.

Once she was clean we sat on the floor and tried to blow dry her feathers a bit, with a cool dryer. She still didn’t seem to bothered, and I still held on to her with full control. Winnie girl even wanted to be part of this experience. I bet it was nice for her to see someone else get a bath instead of her. May’s feathers didn’t dry very well. So after a good try at it, we just let her outside to dry, and hoped she wouldn’t roll in the dirt right away.

Now, May is back in the yard now looking better than ever.

She is standing proud and tall, I think she actually liked her bath!

And I was left spending the rest of the evening bleaching my kitchen!

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