Getting to Know the Chicks

What a fun week we’ve been having with our new baby chicks! They are so much fun!

Here’s a short sweet video of them running around outside for the first time.

They each have a personality of there own. May is adventurous and loves people, the second we open the door to visit with them she runs out and wants to be held. Peanut Butter is the smallest, and the bossiest, if the other chicks have something she wants she goes right after it. Wilco is so funny, she doesn’t want to be held, she is shy and runs to the back of the cage. Then when she realizes that all her friends are gone she starts crying for them. Henny Penny is the oldest, she is kind and loving, and looks after all the others.

They are growing up so fast. When we got them on Mothers Day they were about 9 days old. They looked all cute and fluffy, but now just a few days later, it is amazing how many new feathers they have and how much taller they are getting. Here are a few shots of them this week.

• May loves to be held. • Wilco with her name in the backround. • Peanut Butter with my girl. • Peanut Butter and May just stopped running around and fell asleep standing up. • May just loves people. • May loving life. • Henny Penny looking so cute. The Chicks also had a few field trips this week!

My girl taking them for a walk around the neighborhood to meet everyone!

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