The New Coop

Our new coop is up and functioning wonderfully. Once the gravel was installed we placed the frame back into place and sided it with gray corrugated roof panels from Lowes.

The door is made out of screen so that fresh air can circulate through the coop

Clear panels were used in the back and on the sides of the lifted roof to give my girls a nice view and a lot of natural light.

For the flooring we put sand on top of the gravel, that way I can scoop out all the poop just like a cat litter box. There are two nesting boxes, and a separate box for them to sleep in. The inside is so much more roomier for my girls, and they seem to love it.

We still have some more work to do on the inside. The place that we originally placed the perch didn’t work out since the food and water ended up in that corner, so it will need a new home. I also want to put a top over the food and their sleeping box, and store their extra food in the house. I figured that I would wait a while and see how things worked out, and then decide the placement of the remaining items.

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