Mother's Day Magic! [We actually got them]

Happy Mothers Day!!! I had such a wonderful day today! This morning I accidentally overheard my daughter talking to my hubby about buying me some flowers at the store when we stopped to get my mother her gift. I didn’t say anything, but I knew that was the plan. So imagine my surprise when at breakfast my husband got suckered, by our daughter, into buying me some chicks for Mothers Day.

It all started yesterday when my husband took our girl to Wilco. Wilco just opened a brand new large store and she has been dying to go to it. So he ran her down to look at horse things. While they were there she noticed the new baby chicks that had just arrived. My girl and I have been talking about getting chicks for months now, but hubby has not been for it.

So this morning at breakfast all she talked about were the cute chicks. My husband got this brilliant idea that maybe we should get my mother a chick for Mothers Day, because my mother loves animals. I told him that my dad would never allow it. Although they live in the country and have plenty of room for them, my parents have quite a few animals and I know my dad doesn’t want any more. “It’s not Fathers Day it is Mother Day, it’s all about the mothers not fathers,” my husband said to my surprise. “You know that won’t work,” I answered him.

Then about five seconds later my daughter looked straight at me with the most serious face, and asked me if I wanted chickens for Mothers Day. Then she looked at her father and pointed out that it is Mothers Day not Fathers Day. Oh, did she get him!!! So on the way out to see my mom we stopped to get chickens for us!!!

We got four of them.

Peanut Butter



Henny Penny

Aren’t they cute?!!

My Sweet Girl

What a wonderful day!!!

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