Sorting Kitchen Items – No Fun!

Sorting kitchen items should be fun especially when we’ve been living without a kitchen for a while, but instead it proved to be really stressful.

When we moved I got rid of a lot of our extra kitchen things. I tried to pack only what I used regularly or items that I really loved.

Sorting-Kitchen-Items-6But when we unloaded the boxes marked kitchen from the storage container, in our front yard, I started to panic.

There were 12 boxes not including all the items that I already had out that I’d been using inside the house. Also, there were more boxes that held our dry goods.

Sorting-Kitchen-Items-7I think that most people moving into a regular sized house would not panic if all they had to unload was 12 boxes, but in our small kitchen it was really overwhelming. When I looked at the space in the drawers and cupboards I figured that maybe about 7 boxes would fit into them. Most of the hidden space would need to be used for items that are not pleasing to the eye, like food boxes, and baking sheets. One day I will have some shelves built to hold the plates and cups, but until then I still needed a place for them.

All these items really did freak me out so at that point I just had to stop, and look at the boxes and think about them.

Anyways we had to get the drawer pulls and cabinet knobs on the cabinets before we unloaded the boxes.






















Hardware is not as easy to install as one might think.

We found it easier to make a template of the pull, and to put tape on the cabinets to mark the dimensions on. Once we got one pull in place we used a piece of cardboard that we could put over the top of the drawer as a new template. If you have drawers that are stacked one on top of the other you want to make sure that the pulls are level with each other. I guess if you just measure over from the edge then they may end up looking crooked. So the level is the way to go. Once all the pulls and knobs were installed I started going through the boxes.



Sorting-Kitchen-Items-13All the pictures above are the items I decided we could live without. At this point I think a set of 8 plates and bowls will be enough for us, I also found a lot of extra canning jars, and vases to get rid of. I decided that a fry cutter, and a food sealer that we hardly ever used could also go. I also went through the knives we owned and picked the two that we use the most, it was a little hard to let the rest go, because you always think that maybe one day you might need them.

For now the drawers are filled with food, and the plates and glasses are stacked on the counter top until the shelves are built.

Sorting-Kitchen-Items-9The plates and bowls take up a lot of room on the counter so it is a bit hard to prepare food there, but it is way better than cooking outside.

Sorting-Kitchen-Items-10I also have some other things that for now I am storing in boxes under the table benches. In the future we will build some box benches to use instead to the plain benches, that way I will have some storage space to store these extra items that I can’t let go of yet.

Maybe by the time the benches are built I will find that I do not need any of these things anyways.

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