The Cabinets Arrived Early – Oh No!

The Beginning of the Kitchen Remodel

We have now moved out of the tent and are sleeping in what will be our rooms when the house is remodeled. I am not claiming them as our rooms quite yet, because the pretty and clean factor is still missing.


The master bedroom to be.


Our daughter and Winnie’s soon to be room.


The future living room with a king’s chair.

Being inside the house is nice, but while I was still working on refinishing the floors, before we moved into the house, Lowe’s called me to let me know that my kitchen cabinets were in. In a panic I asked if they could please hold onto them, because my kitchen was no were near ready for them. The cabinets that were suppose to take 3-5 weeks to arrive, arrived in 2 weeks. Most of the time this is what customers dream of, but in our case this was bad news.

So once the floors were refinished and covered with paper we went straight to work on the kitchen.


Because we had moved a window, a door opening, taken out the chimney, and moved the location of almost every thing in the kitchen there was quite a lot of patching to be done in there. Some mud and tape had already been applied to the walls, but more coats of mud were needed to smooth out the patches.

The walls would also need to be textured, then primed, and then painted. The window frames needed to be sanded and painted along with the door frames and floor boards.

We also decided to get a new stove and refrigerator so those items needed to be picked out and purchased before we would be able to install the cabinets.

Because of all this, we were feeling pressure even though Lowe’s was totally fine with holding the cabinets for us.









So my husband applied a new coat of mud every night until the walls were ready. Then he sanded them down.



Tiny-House-Kitchen-Remodel-10My niece and nephew came out with their kids and helped us tape and plastic off the kitchen so that the texture could be sprayed on.


While the adults worked on the kitchen the kids outfitted the house with craft paper blinds. These blinds work great, if they get to dusty they can just be thrown out!

We really do appreciate our family! They have come out to help us a lot.

So the texture was applied and the walls were left overnight to dry.


Tiny-House-Kitchen-Remodel-12The next evening we primed the walls and then the night after that we painted them.

My plan is to paint all the walls in our house white. This is crazy talk coming from me since in my previous house I painted every wall a different color and changed my colors often. But I’m tired of color on the walls and with such a tiny home I think the brighter it is the better it will feel, so I’m changing things up!

In each room I’ll bring some character in with either wall paper or some kind of textural item, I haven’t had time to plan all the fun stuff yet, so even I will be surprised later with what I pick.

Tiny-House-Kitchen-Remodel-13Once the last coat of paint was applied and drying, we ran to Lowe’s and picked up the cabinets. Into the living room we hauled them so they would be ready for installation the next day. Unfortunately, the largest corner cabinet we bought wouldn’t fit through the door in its box, so we took it out of the box and then struggled to carry it into the house. It was really large and an awkward shape to maneuver through the mud room.

Tiny-House-Kitchen-Remodel-14To my horror while lifting the corner cabinet, from the bottom, a large piece just broke off. There I stood holding an entire section of the cabinet in my hand, while the rest of the cabinet came crashing to the floor. Wanting to cry my husband reassured me that it would be fine and that the piece came off of a section that would not be visible when installed. Trying to be more careful we moved it from the mudroom into the living room and set it down. There in my hand was another broken, hide-able, piece that I broke off the cabinet while lowering it.

What I learned from this purchase is – Don’t Be Cheap!

I mean it!

You’ll feel horrible if you break your own cabinets before they are installed.

My advice would be to not get the press board sided cabinets – pay the price and get the plywood sides, or have them installed professionally – if that would save you money. That way if the installers break them, they’ll have to replace them.

At least we are moving toward being able to cook inside!

That’s so exciting!

Cooking outside is only fun for so long – or maybe that’s even an exaggeration!

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