The White Bathroom

Although the bathroom in our tiny home was one of the first areas to be worked on when we purchased our home – the walls and the storage areas were left mostly untouched until now. All the bathroom items that we had – just sat in boxes on the ground for the last 6 months.















It is so hard to work on the bathroom when you only have one, and to do so means that almost everything will be put out-of-order.

The-Bathroom-5But we had to do it!

So with the tank off the toilet and the sink removed – we had to fill this bucket from the tub faucet every time we used the bathroom, and we also had to wash our hands there too – but I guess that was better than when we had to wash dishes in the tub!


Not only did the walls need to be mud and taped, but the cabinet that was original to the bathroom needed some attention. So we primed it, painted it, and added some more shelves to the space. I am so glad that we bought a good sealing primer, because who knows what those spots were from.

The-Bathroom-9Although this space is definitely stuffed, it sure looks better than it did. I love having a large floor to ceiling cabinet in the bathroom – I think this is my favorite part about the room. At our old house the extra bathroom items had to be stored in the hall closet. It was always a bummer if you forgot to get a new roll of toilet paper before using the restroom.

The-Bathroom-4I also decided to keep the original medicine cabinet that came with the home. Although worn and rusted I believed that with a little sanding and some good old rust resistant spray paint that it would turn out just fine.

The-Bathroom-8I am so glad that it turned out good, because sometimes I am just plain wrong!

Wrong I was when it came to the bathtub though.

My niece warned me about getting my tub resurfaced, but I was just so excited about having a cast iron tub, and I was told by the guy how nice it would turn out – so I went for it. When it was first done I thought it looked great, but then after it dried I could see dark smudges in the white surface. It looked as though it was dirty, and even after cleaning it – it looked the same. Then to top it off the white tub looks off white with my subway tiles that I placed above it.

Too many shades of white!

I also later discovered that when you buy a sink and a toilet you should definitely buy the same brand, because again everyone has a different shade of bright white.

Being that I now had all kinds of whites happening in the bathroom I did what no one else should do – I painted the bathroom white to match the rest of the house.

I figure if your going to pull off a room you might as well make it all clash, besides I couldn’t settle on another color so I just went with what I had.


All in all I don’t think it turned out so bad. I even mostly like it. The walls are not as yellow as they look in the picture above, just in case you were worried.

In the end, I figured with all the different shades of white I might as well throw in a white shower curtain also!

The-Bathroom-12The doors are the only things that still need some serious attention.

Probably this summer we will build some sliding barn doors that will slide open and closed on the bedroom sides of the bathroom. This will eliminate the colliding door problem we have happening right now.

The-Bathroom-11The curtains were the final touch that was placed on the bathroom. I love the fabric, because you can’t see through the material, but it lets in so much beautiful light.

It feels so good to have the bathroom put together, and have everything organized and put away.

And with the nice staining the well water does, all my white items will probably be the same color of yellow soon anyways, and then I will have to start again!

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