The Kitchen Countertops Have Arrived

The kitchen countertops have arrived!!!

I am so glad to have them!!!

Don’t worry, I will show you the countertops in just a second, but first I want to show you the cute grip drawer liner I picked up for the cabinets, at Fred Meyer.


The-Kitchen-Countertops-Have-Arrived-2I had to get eight rolls of this stuff, even though my kitchen is so tiny – but I’m glad I did.

At my last house I had put something similar in all my drawers and cupboards and when we moved I noticed that all the wood still looked like new.

While grocery shopping I saw this cute pattern and just had to have it.


The-Kitchen-Countertops-Have-Arrived-4I lined every drawer and cupboard in my kitchen. I discovered on the last cupboard that it is really easy to get the exact size if you use some newspaper and lay it in the drawer and crease it in the corners. Then you can just fold it and use it as a paper pattern for the grip liner. This was especially helpful to get the right size for the large lazy susan, which just happened to be the last cupboard I did. I taped the back sides together, down the seam of the grip liner, when more than one piece was needed.

I got all the cabinets lined the day before the countertops were expected to arrive.

Finally, the magic day had come!

The day I had been waiting for!

The day that would make cooking seem fun again!

The day dish washing wouldn’t seem like such a chore!

OK maybe that’s going overboard!

The-Kitchen-Countertops-Have-Arrived-5My beautiful black Quartz countertops arrived!

I am so pleased with them, and I was so excited that since my kitchen is so small they could cut the Quarts as a whole piece so I have no seams.

The-Kitchen-Countertops-Have-Arrived-6I had to wait over night for the glue to dry, but the next day we installed the faucet and put the appliances back into the kitchen.

Then we were ready to cook!

In came our table from the storage unit in the front yard, and out came the ingredients to make a nice peach crisp.

The-Kitchen-Countertops-Have-Arrived-7My girl loves to bake, and was so excited to get the chance again.

The-Kitchen-Countertops-Have-Arrived-8So right away she whipped us up something sweet to celebrate our new functioning kitchen.

I just love functioning kitchens!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Congrats, Tammy! It looks great!