The Master Bedroom

Now we are moving into the master bedroom to finish the walls and work on the laundry area.

With the living room looking good and almost completely finished we planned to move our camping mattress into the living room while we worked on the master bedroom, but there ended up being a hitch in our get along.

While adding air to the mattress my husband filled it up a little too much, and all of a sudden we heard air leaking out in a hurry.The-Master-Bedroom-1The hole was pretty large, but we decided to try taping it. For a while it looked like it might hold.

The-Master-Bedroom-2Then all of a sudden we heard another pop noise and down came Winnie who was laying on the bed trying to get her beauty sleep. She was so out of it she didn’t even wake up. So boy was she surprised to find herself at ground level when she woke up.

This mishap lead to a night of sleeping on the wood floor and a trip to the mattress store the next day.

The-Master-Bedroom-3So the next day I brought home a Serta mattress for a better nights sleep!

The-Master-Bedroom-4We placed it in the living room, but left the plastic on it to protect it since it will be on the ground for a while. We plan on buying a bed frame with drawers under it in the future, but we want to get the major remodeling done before we buy the fun stuff.

The-Master-Bedroom-5The master bedroom had patching done in the area where the wash machine and dryer will go, and also around the window we rotated so the bed could fit under it. So like all the other rooms before it we mudded and taped, sanded, textured, primed and painted. We also had to do some good old on the floor cleaning.














The master bedroom is looking good. We still have to add a base board and a bathroom door that will not crash into the other door when you open it, but besides those things – it is ready to go.

The-Master-Bedroom-8So in came the wash machine!

I am so glad to have a working wash machine. Doing laundry just isn’t enjoyable when you have to drag it somewhere else, in big black garbage bags, and visit all day so that you have time to do multiple loads. It just isn’t the best way to visit your friends and family.

The-Master-Bedroom-9While the wash machine is running and shining like a star the dryer is sitting in the opposite corner waiting for its turn to shine. We need to have the electrician come back out and do some more work to get it running, so until then a clothes line will have to do.

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2 Responses to The Master Bedroom

  1. Melissa says:

    Your house is starting to look amazing! I’m looking forward to seeing the finished result when you’re done:)