The Start of the Tiny House Remodel

Most of the demo on our tiny house was over that first weekend. So the next week, my other nephew came over, while we were out-of-town, and started our tiny house remodel by working on the plumbing. My nephew and his friend moved the wash machine plumbing into the master bedroom and updated the plumbing in the rest of the house.


Thank You, Thank You, for all your hard work guys! I am sure that it was no fun, and I so very much appreciate it!


Then came the electrician, tile, and construction guys. They worked really hard to get the wiring ready, some of the windows turned a different direction, they patched the walls, and tiled the bathroom.



We had two windows turned so that the bed in the master bedroom would be able to fit under the window and so that we could add some more cabinets into the kitchen. I am so glad that we did this. I was having a really hard time making the kitchen layout work, but being able to pivot the window made the tiny kitchen really feel a lot bigger, and will make it possible to have a spot for a table in there also.

Tiny-House-Remodel-5The bathroom was one of our first priorities. Knowing that the house was not going to even be close to being done by our move in date, we made it our goal to have a functioning bathroom by the time we moved in. The tile guy laid the floor tile which I really love.



Then he did the subway tiles and accent stones. We had the tub refinished, and the grout was applied then left to dry just a few days before we moved in.

Even though we had three and a half weeks to work on the house before we had to move in – it took all of that to just accomplish these tasks.

At our other home we were packing and trying to sell all of our large furniture that would no longer be able to fit into our much smaller home. Those weeks were such a crazy whirlwind of working, remodeling, planning, selling, running a garage sale, and packing that I can barely remember them.

Even though a great many things had been accomplished, there was no doubt that we would need to set up a camp situation outside, and get something to hold all of our household items in while we finished the remodeling.


So along came the shipping container. It was parked in the front yard to make it easy for drop off and pick up. Doesn’t it look lovely! Most people plant plants to block the view of the road, but for now we will use a great big shipping container. Although I don’t think it looks real pretty, I am a fan of shipping container houses, so it is kind of fun to get a good look at one and to see how they feel!

So there you have it, a snap shot of four weeks in one post, boy does remodeling take a lot of work and a long time!

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