Too Much Stuff!!!

What do you do when everything you own gets moved into your little, bitty house before you are ready for it, before you even have storage areas installed for it?

You CRY!

That’s right – you cry, cry, cry and then you get over it!

Literally, you have to step really tall – to get over it!


One morning I heard a lot of noise coming from the living room. I was cooking breakfast and didn’t peek around the corner to see what was happening, because I didn’t want my toast and eggs to burn. When I finally did this is what I saw. My husband wearing my hat on top of his, and he was loading boxes and other items into the living room.

My husband had been outside in the old garage that was on the property when we bought it.


He discovered that the garage was condensating really badly inside and that every thing that was being stored there would start molding soon, if it hadn’t already.

When we bought the house we planned on taking the garage down and building a barn in its place, but we also planned on it being a fine place to store my husbands garage items until the time came for us to build the barn.




So unfortunately all the house hold items that were being stored in the rental storage unit out front were coming into the house. To make way for the garage items to be able to move into the storage unit.

I was not ready for this by any means.

Going through the kitchen boxes (shown above) was hard enough to do, but now every room was going to be stacked full of boxes for me to go through, and I still didn’t have any shelves for the dishes to go onto in the kitchen. The counter tops were still pretty full of things that needed to be stored, and we hadn’t even finished the walls in the bathroom! What a disaster!

The only saving grace I had – was that not everything in the storage unit was for the house. Only about half of it was house hold items.

So lesson learned – if you see your husband wearing your hat on hisĀ  – something really wrong is about to happen!


So every room of the house was piled with stuff.


Our girl was having the same reaction as I was. This is exactly what my face looked like too.


What the heck do we do with all these things!

We were all becoming quite accustomed to living without them, but now that they are in our view again the attachment problem is starting to happen.



So day after day, load after load, we walked anything we could live without to the truck, to be dropped of at Goodwill whenever I went to town.

And desperately I began searching Craigslist for storage pieces that would fit into our tiny house to help give us some kind of organization and piece of mind.

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